Top 10 Reasons Mayor Emanuel Runs Red Light Cameras

Top 10 Reasons Mayor Emanuel Runs Red Light Cameras
Red Light Rahm

Straight from our home offices at ChicagoNow.  I hold in my hand the top 10 reasons (excuses) for Mayor Rahm Emanuel blowing through red light cameras.

10.  “I thought I removed those damn things!”

9.  Rebuilding Chicago’s economy one ticket at a time.

8.  Testing the accuracy of the red light cameras. “Yep they work pretty well!”

7.  “Don’t be hating!” “Color Blindness IS a disability.”

6.  Driver’s view was temporarily obstructed by his “selfie stick”

5.  Late for a meeting with the designer of “Rahm for Prez 2020” bumper stickers.

4.  Last minute meeting with Chicago Public Schools CEO  Barbara Byrd-Bennett before her unplanned trip to “Anywhere there is no extradition”.

3.  Got the red light camera confused with the speed camera.

2. “It’s good to be King”

…and the number one reason for Mayor Emanuel Blowing Through Red Light Cameras…..

Citizens to abolish red light cameras





1.  “Election’s Over Baby!”


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