Sustainable Mother's Day gifts for Chicago Gardeners

Body Care Gift package Chicago Honey Coop.png
With Mother’s Day just around the corner you may be in search of a perfect local, socially conscious or sustainable gift for the Chicago gardening mom in your life.
Here are my recommendations for three such gifts. 
The Chicago Honey Co-op is Chicago’s urban bee farm that provides jobs and job training in urban agriculture to the under-employed in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood. I recommend their Body Care Gift Package or their Honey and Body Care Gift Tin*. You can purchase them here and they’ll even personalize a card for you. Another neat idea would be to purchase a Chicago Honey Co-op CSA membership that mom can spend like cash with the honey co-op through the summer and fall. 
Forget the flowers this year and give mom a whole garden through OpenLands. A $50 contribution to Openlands will help create new community gardens and support existing community gardens in our neighborhoods that need them the most.
But what if your mom likes bouquets of flowers? Buy them from Urban Meadows, Chicago’s nonprofit florist. They assist people with mental illness in their recovery journey. They’re located at 120 S. LaSalle Street (Lobby) in Chicago. Ph: 773-537-3600. 


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  • These flowers are so beautiful and actually they look lot more than $19 also includes a free vase for mothers day!

  • Sweet! I checked out Urban Meadows' and the Honey Co-op's gift ideas, and found lots of great ideas for Mother's Day and other gift-giving occasions. I knew about the Honey Co-op and Openlands, but Urban Meadows is new to me. All are organizations I'd be proud to support.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Hi, SSgarden Girl,

    I "discovered" UM over the Holiday Season during one of Garden Faeries trips to Chicago this winter. They're great and like you I'm happy to help spread the word about them.

  • My mother is the hardest person in the world to buy for because she already buys herself most things and she's also very, um, discriminating. I lucked out and found some Bjorn Wiinblad playing cards on eBay--she was just mentioning how her 20+ year-old set is getting ragged. So that's sustainable, too, paying a lot of money for someone else's "crap", lol!

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    LMAO. You're too much.

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