Lurie Garden in April 2010

Lurie Garden April 09-21, 2010

Lurie Garden April 2010 facing north.png

Some photos of the spring blooms in the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park taken in April 2010. If you’re starting a garden in Chicago and are looking for ideas of what kinds of plants and bulbs you should plant for early spring blooms and colors visit the Lurie Garden for some garden inspiration. Many of the bulbs and plants currently in bloom can be easily found in garden centers in Chicago and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

For example; the liatris that this summer will explode in the Lurie Garden can be currently found in packages of spring/summer blooming bulbs at places like Home Depot. I love the bees and butterflies this bloom attracts in the garden, you can see a picture of it in my garden

If you color choices lean more towards loud colors check out the blooms along Michigan Ave. I have some pictures here of the explosion of yellow, red, orange and purple tulips the City planted. 


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  • The blue flower is liatris?
    It's beautiful!

  • In reply to PrairieGarden:

    The blueish flower at the links is liatris. You should plant some.

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