Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seeds

The Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seed.png
Growing plants from seed is fun, rewarding and the easiest way to start a garden on the cheap. Growing from seed is easy and even the newest gardener can do it. Here is my recommendation for the Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seeds. All you need is a little bit of soil, sun and water and you’ll have more plants than you know what to do with. 

These seeds are also good if you want to involve kids in gardening because the seeds are relatively large, easy to observe and can be handled by chubby little fingers. They are also pretty inexpensive seeds to buy per packet and one packet could net you a dozen or more plants. Split up your extra seedlings and share with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. 

Going to buy seeds around Chicago? Where to buy Seeds for your Vegetable or Ornamental Garden in Chicago. See my post about the price difference of seeds at big box garden centers. Chicagoans: voting for One Seed Chicago closes on April 1, 2010. Vote for your favorite seed and you’ll get the winning seed in the mail for free.  


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  • Surprised to see you holding that little Nasturtiums. I have NEVER had luck starting them any where but in the ground. They never transplant easily for me. Big fan of the darker leaf variety ( I like to hide a few seeds in my early spring containers for a wonderful surprise in early summer!

    Great Radio show this morning. Keep us posted when you chat Garden again! Happy Spring!

  • In reply to BGgarden:

    To get my nasturtiums to grow last year, I believe I had to file the seeds with a nail file to aid with the germination. It may help. This year, I'm putting the seeds right in the ground. We'll see....

  • In reply to BGgarden:

    Aw... are those Renee's nasturtiums?

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    I think these nasturtiums are from Renee's Garden. Although, they're from last year.

  • In reply to BGgarden:


    That was a seedling from last year. It fell off the plant and by the fall it was sprouting on top of the ground and growing.

    Happy Spring.

  • I heard you on the radio this morning. Great job! I have grown all of the plants you mention above from seed. Some I have started indoors and others I have sown directly into the ground. If I can do it, I'm telling you anyone can! :) I collected seeds from all the flowers you mentioned to grow another round again this year.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for commenting and sorry about the late reply. You're right anyone can grow from seed!

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