Chicago Flower and Garden Show: Speakers

Chicago Flower Show.png

You can avoid the crowds by attending the Chicago Flower and Garden Show after work or in the evenings, it is open until 8PM on weekdays. Here are a few lectures that start at 6:15PM that Chicago and urban gardeners should catch. 

Monday, March 8. Mike Nowak. Readings from the shady Side of Gardening.
Tuesday, March 9. Barbara Melera The D. Landreth Seed Company and the Story of America’s Great Seedhouses. <Barbara Melera was mention in this post because her seed company launched the African-American Heritage Collection of seeds
Wednesday, March 10. Nancy Clifton. Four Season Container Gardens.
Thursday, March 11. Lurie Garden. Superstars of Spring & Summer. The Plants that Really Perform.
Friday, March 12. Beth Botts. Growing Food Where It Fits: Small-Space Edible Gardening
Saturday, March 13. Anna Pavord. A Luxuriance of Bulbs. 12:30PM Room A. <Not in the evening but I’m looking forward to this speaker after reviewing Bulb here on this blog. 
You can see some pictures I took during the media preview of the show here.

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