Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2010: All about the "Drama."

Wicked Garden Chicago Flower and Garden Show.png

(UPDATE: My recap of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show is here.)

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier this weekend with a “Cultivating Great Performances” theme. Theatergoers and kids will delight in the way their favorite shows and books have been interpreted into gardens. Below some photos of today’s media preview of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.

My personal favorites:

Jeckle and Hyde-Prairie Restoration: I couldn’t get a good photograph of this one, but it is spectacular in person. Walks you through a controlled burned to a fully restored prairie.
Great Performances Through the Eyes of a Child: The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences did an awesome job bringing three fairy tales to life.
Good vs.Evil: Inspired by “Wicked” this garden has a lot of small props that put a smile on your face.
Alice’s Wonderland: An homage to Lookingglass Theater’s Lookingglass Alice. The giant Queen of Hearts with the living wall dress is both unsettling and fascinating.
Spring Awakening: An urban potager garden that is both beautiful and edible.

Besides some creative garden themes there are a lot of ideas for container gardening and mixing the edible with the ornamental. The runs from March 6-14, 2010.  


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  • Yes it was about the drama, MBT. Good to see you there. Some great shots you got. I dropped my camera halfway through and lost some of my better photos.

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I just checked your blog and saw you got some nice pics! We're going to have to get you neck strap for your camera ;0)

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    Looks like lots of fun - can't wait to see it tomorrow!

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Sorry I missed you comment Linda. Anyway, was nice seeing you for a minute. Hope you're coming up for Macy's show too.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Here's my latest post: a recap of the whole show.

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