Wooden Tomato Cage

Urban tomato grower cage in Chicago.png

Came across this, obviously, homemade tomato cage the other day. Looks like something John McCain would’ve spent some time in during the Vietnam War. The support structure made of; scrap pieces of wood, string and wire, isn’t going to win any prizes for structural engineering, but it looks like it is getting the job done for this Chicagoan who is a fan of homegrown tomatoes.

The tomato grower lives on a property with a sizable front yard, but
the only living things on this property are; a tree, the lawn and this
grouping of tomato plants.

Urban tomato farmer cage in Chicago.png

I’ve been trying to catch the person who is growing these tomato plants while he or she is out in the yard but haven’t had any luck. I’m particularly interested in asking if any of the fruits from these tomato plants get pilfered, because they are within arm’s length of the sidewalk and the fence is only waist high for an average adult.

Side view of urban tomato cage in Chicago.png

While no companion plantings were being utilized I did spot a number of Bumblebees busy pollinating the tomato blossoms. This gardener obviously knows what he or she is doing, when it comes to growing tomatoes, because they were planted in the furthest corner of the yard so the tomato plants wouldn’t get shaded by the houses during the day.

If you take a look at the video you’ll see that the tomatoes are still green as are the tomatoes growing in yards near this one. The cool and wet spring we had coupled with the weird summer hasn’t been ideal for tomato growing, but I didn’t notice any signs of disease or Blossom-end rot on any of these tomatoes. If you’re tomatoes are still green, have a little patience, soon you’ll be able to take a bite out of summer.


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  • "MrBrownThumb trespassing on private property to film this video" -- LOL, you crack me up! To me, the wooden structure doesn't look as much rickety as it looks like a good use of whatever was on hand. :) Jeder wie er kann (each as s/he is able!). :)

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    I tried and tried to catch someone there but couldn't so I had to do what I had to do. Not sure the video shows just how rickety is really is. Reminds me of the first clubhouse we ever built when I was a kid.

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