Independent Garden Center Show: Garden Pots

Large Garden Planters and urns Independent Garden Center Show 2009.png
If you were a buyer for an independent garden center and you were in the market for large pots and modern, indoor and outdoor planters for the Gen Y crowd the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 was an embarrassment of riches.

I couldn’t believe the size of some of these pots, they were large enough to plant a full sized adult. The modern planters caught my eye, even though they’d look out of place in my humble garden. But I wasn’t the target for them, they’re geared for the condo and townhouse set, but they sure were nice to look at.

Here are a few pics of planters I liked.

Eye Aint Planter crescent garden independent garden center show 2009.png
The “Eye Ain’t” rectangular planters by Crescent Garden. Rectangular planters designed to reflect light and cast shadows to accentuate the wavy design.

Interesting modern design planters by Bamboo Accents reminded me of Star Trek

Lechuza self-watering planters Independent Garden Center Show 2009.png

Last year I was blown away with the Lechuza self-watering planters that combine sleek design with foolproof watering. It was kind of neat to see these in local garden centers this year after having talked with the company at the last show. This year they showcased a few new shapes and textures for indoor and outdoor container gardens.

Deroma garden pots Independent Garden Center Show 2009.png

When Is saw these planters on Tuesday during my first walk through the exhibition hall from a distance I thought they were tire planters or at least made from recycled rubber. Turned out not to be the case. DEROMA Group pots by Marshall Pottery, Inc.

The potter patch garden pots Independent Garden Center Show 2009.png

Garden pots by The Pottery Patch.

New pots made too look old.png

If you aren’t afraid of color in the garden one great way to add them is by choosing colorful garden pots. Lots of bright glazes and textures created by faux distressing and in the shapes of pots. These are by Orlandi, here in Chicago.

Braun Horticulture clay pots Independent Garden Center Show.png

I really liked these pots by Braun Horticulture. I liked them even more when I learned that they were infused with a moss mixture that grows when the pots are kept moist. I’ve collected moss before and blended it with buttermilk and painted the mixure on terracotta pots to achieve the look the pots will eventually develop on their own. They also have a line of tall rectuangular tin pots with false bottoms that they are marketing to Gen-Y gardeners.

Biodegradeable Bamboo pots Independent Garden Center Show 2009.png

Not as big and fancy as some of the garden pots I spotted but I liked this line of pots by Rosso’s International. They are made from bamboo and are biodegradable, not to mention that bamboo is a sustainable resource.

There were so many pots, more so than plants and other gardening tools. Even though I attended two days of the IGC Show I wasn’t able to visit all the booths and photograph them. This is just a small portion of what was available.

If you’re looking for modern planters in Chicago try Sprout Home. If you need some large planters like the ones pictured here I’ve seen them at City Escape.


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  • They did have a lot of nice planters there. I really liked the distressed ones with the bright colors. I missed those moss planters - very cool!

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    The moss planters were towards the last few rows we hurried past. Those distressed ones were really nice.

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