City Escape Plant Sale '09

Chicago Garden Center City Escape.png
Visited City Escape yesterday to see what they had on sale. Here is what I spotted:

Annuals 50% off
Hanging baskets 50% off
Herbs 50% off
Blooming tropicals 75% off
Perennials 25% off

If the tropical hibiscus growing as standard topiaries are part of the “blooming tropicals” sale then they have to be the best deal I saw. They will not survive a Chicago winter, but if you have the space and good natural light they make nice houseplants during the winter. Also, indoors in the greenhouse I saw some ZZ Plants growing in containers about the size of half wine barrels. They were priced on sale at $20.00 which is a steal if you consider what prices small potted ZZ Plants fetch.

City Escape is located at 3022 West Lake Street.


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  • I can vouch for overwintering tropical hybiscus indoors - I have one that's five years old and comes indoors each fall. It doesn't bloom over the winter but makes a very nice, well-behaved house plant in a sunny window.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Thanks for the vote for them. I like them too and had a standard topiary a few years ago but had to get ride of it. Because I need the window space for the cacti & succulents.

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