Sex in the Garden

Today on Twitter there was a lot of snickering about the cover story of today’s RedEye. I went out to get a hard copy of the paper but it was out, which is usual in my neighborhood, but I ended up reading the online version of the story. After chuckling about the content of the story I went out into that garden and guessed what I discovered?  While Chicagoans aren’t getting enough of it or getting it on enough, our friends in the garden are picking up the slack.  Just look at these shameless weevils on the hollyhocks.

Hollyhock Weevils Mating.png

Apparently there has been a lot of afternoon delight to be hand in my garden, the proof is in the swollen seed pods to ready to release a whole new generation of plants into the soil. And I’ll be responsible for taking care of all these kids.

Seed pods in my Chicago Garden.png

A bit of caution when walking into virtual orgy that is your garden in the early summer: don’t get too close or bring some napkins because the pollen is flying all over the place.

Plant Pollen transfered.png

If you’re a man in Chicago who is looking for an excuse to garden without your buddies making fun of you, telling them you’re taking up garden to be a better lover might keep the laughs at bay.. According this study, 30 minutes in the garden can improve your performance in bed, spend even more time in the garden and you cut your chances of impotence by half. If that isn’t reason enough to start a garden-I don’t know what is.


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  • LOL! I know what you mean - this has been a very fertile spring and early summer in the garden. I've seen more than one squirrel orgy lately, and the robins. . . shameless!

  • I forgot all about the birds! I've been trying to get some pictures of them but they seem to fly off as soon as they see the camera.

  • Right! I've just been waiting for the "girl" pumpkin flowers to show up so I could hand pollinate them! Right out in public, too! Shameless.

  • In reply to naxn:

    Oh Xan, you're like a marital aid for pumpkins. :0)

  • Nice, haha. Got to love Twitter.

  • In reply to ckanalley:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Joe,

    Probably the same kind of frisky birds that have taken up residence in the gutters outside my windows and keep getting it on at 3AM.

    I need more stray cats around here.

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