Garden Gate, Fence and Bench Made from Tree Limbs

Garden gate in Chicago made from twigs from trees.png

Whenever I see the remains of trees that have fallen or been cut down my mind immediately starts wondering what I can turn them into in the garden. The inspiration rarely leads to anything beyond those few moments where I envision, a bench, fence or trellis made from twigs and branches at home in my garden. A couple of years ago I even hauled home two tree stumps that I was going to turn into a chair and side table. The stumps still sit in the backyard waiting for me to get around to them. I’m a big fan of rustic garden art and structures, I’m just no good in the building area.

Here are items I’ve seen around Chicago that I think are pretty cool.

I believe I spotted the garden gate made from twigs in Ukrainian Village.

Garden bed border fence made from branchces in Chicago.png

The Lurie Garden had a lot of these neat fences used throughout this year. Some were obviously just decoration but a couple looked like they were used to block paths used by garden staff so visitors didn’t mistake them for paths they were suppose to walk on.

Patio garden fence made from tree trunks and limbs in Chicago.png

The patio garden at Thai Bowl on Taylor uses huge tree limbs and stumps as fencing around seating area for customers. Some of the stumps have potted baskets on top of them and one stump in particular has a hosta growing out of it.

Garden bench made from tree limbs and twigs in Chicago.png


This awesome bench from twigs and branches is for sale at Gethsemane, I didn’t even bother to look at the price. I’m just adding it to my “someday” file for reference.

Do you have items in your garden you made from twigs, branches or tree stumps? Share them on the Chicago Gardeners Flickr pool.

Update: See the Narnia Gate added to the Flickr group by #2 Daughter.

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  • I love the rustic look of twig furniture. Several years ago my mom gave me a beautiful red willow table. I keep it indoors. It was the last piece made by a well-known WI artist before illness forced her to retire. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. The artist's family offered to buy it back from me if I ever tire of it. (as if!)

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    That sounds really awesome. It must be really nice if the family wants to buy it back. Upload a pic of it to the Flickr group so I can see it.

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