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While garden blogs and gardening forums are a great gathering places on the internet you can’t beat talking with fellow gardeners in person. In a world where we blog, Twitter & Facebook our gardening woes and triumphs some people still do it the old fashioned way. Here are a few garden clubs in the Chicagoland area that I’ve recently come across where people still meet face to face. 

Wicker Park Garden Club

About: “The Wicker Park Garden Club, organized in 1984 as a not-for-profit organization, brings long term residents, businesses, and veteran gardeners together with new members of our community to develop a forum in which individuals can exchange ideas on gardening, socialize, and assist in the beautification of the neighborhood.”
More info here.
Rogers Park Garden Group
About: “The RPGG began in February 2007 when a few neighbors got together to see if it would be possible to form a garden group in Rogers Park.  Most other Chicago neighborhoods have garden clubs of some kind so it seemed that Rogers Park, with its community of active gardeners and wide parkways, would be interested in supporting a garden group.”
More info here.
Midway Garden Society
About: Meets the last Wednesday of the month at Clearing Library at 6423 W. 63rd Place at 7PM. Contact Karen 773-553-2728.
The Historic Pullman Garden Club
About: “The Historic Pullman Garden Club was established in 1991 with three members. Currently, we number more than seventy dedicated and talented members continually working to help beautify our community. The garden club maintaines; the three circular beds in Arcade Park and Pullman Park, the Rose Garden, the Cloister Herb Garden, Fulton Field, the North Allee, and Gateway Garden. We also sponsor assorted street corner beds maintained by community residents.”
More info here
The West Chicago Garden Club
About: “The West Chicago Garden Club was founded May 8th, 1925. It was born out of the West Chicago Women’s Club and met twice a month. Soon membership got too large, and another unit of the club was formed. Ultimately there were four units, two of which met in the evenings. The original unit called Columbine was followed by the Iris, Delphinium and Tulip Units.”
More info here.
Manor Park Garden Club
About: The Manor Garden Club was founded in 1960. We meet the third Monday of every month Their website is out of date, but the group is still active as I gave a talk there in the winter of ’11.  More info here.
North Lawndale Greening Committee
About: The North Lawndale Greening Committee helps residents, businesses, organizations, block clubs,  and churches beautify the community and grow produce.  We help them obtain plants and labor through teams of volunteers.
More info here.
Northtown Garden Society
About: The Northtown Garden Society, established in 1982, provides gardening education and community service to the West Rogers Park (West Ridge) area on the far north side of Chicago. Meetings are held monthly.
More info here
Irving Park Garden Club
About: We are starting our 21st year as a club.  Our club was started by one woman in the neighborhood who passed out fliers to houses that looked like a gardener might live in them.  The first 3 years the meetings took place in members’ homes.  Now the meetings are held in a church basement.  We do not have geographical boundaries.  Our meetings are free and open to all but you must be a dues paying member in order to receive the Newsletter and to participate in our Members Only Plant Exchange in May and the Members Only Garden Walk in July. 
More info here.
If you know of other garden clubs or belong to one in the area leave a comment below and I’ll add the information.


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  • Wow, if I ever move to Chicago, I'll be all set! Seriously, I'm always impressed by how green the city is. Don't forget the master gardener groups, though--they often host free talks open to the public. :)

  • I keep meaning to pop in on the local garden club, just been too busy lately, but hopefully soon now that things have started to get back to 'normal.' (whatever that is!)

    I love how you're publicizing all these garden-related activities. Chicago continues to impress and amaze me with it's lively, eclectic, active, ardening community.

  • Garden faerie,

    Good idea about the MGs I'll have to make a post about them.

    Thanks for the feedback SSGardenGirl.

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