Starting a Garden: Direct sowing seeds

Starting your first garden doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t even have to be an expensive

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endeavor. An easy and frugal way to begin gardening is by starting your plants from seeds and sowing the seeds directly in the ground.  Follow the directions on the seed packet for planting depths/spacing and recommended times to sow the seeds in your garden. If we’re not experiencing rains, water when needed and continue to water when the seedlings emerge.

I’ve found this to be the cheapest way to garden and the easiest. No need to worry about growing the seeds indoors in pots, plant lights or arranging you life around watering schedules for the seedlings indoors.

Unless your property has been tested for lead in the soil I don’t recommend you planting edible plants or vegetables that you plan to eat, directly in the ground. Instead, use raised beds, planters & pots for those seeds & plants.


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