Workout Of The Weekend

Hey Chicago! Happy Friday!

So, as promised, I’ve accumulated the last 6 “Exercise Of
The Weekend”
videos and put them together to create a “Workout Of The Weekend”
for you.

How To Perform:

  • Perform the following 6 exercises back to back. 
  • Perform one
    set of the exercise and then move on to the next without any rest.
  • Repeat this cycle for a total of 3 cycles. Rest 2 minutes
    between each cycle. 
  • This workout should not take you longer than 30 minutes and
    will be a great, full-body workout.

Warm-up prior to these exercises for 5 minutes by walking
briskly, running in place, jumping jacks, etc., anything to get the blood
flowing a little.


20 Palm To Plank

20 Reverse Lunge To Step-Up

20 Push-Up With A “Twist”

20 Bicep Curl To Press Standing On One Leg

20 Over-Head Medicine Ball Slams

20 Lateral Hops With Stabilization


Palm To Plank:

20 Total: 10 on each side – Keep your hips as level as possible


Reverse Lunge To Step-Up

20 Total: 10 Step-Ups on each leg



Push-Up With A “Twist”

20 total push-ups with one knee to elbow between each


Bicep Curl To Press Standing On One Leg

10 Curls with presses on each leg


Over-Head Medicine Ball Slams

20 ball slams on each side.



Lateral Hops With Stabilization

20 total hops, 10 each way


Give it a try! Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!!!

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