Finding Comfort in Uncomfortable Foods Part II

Sometimes cravings also get in the way of more pure eating habits. I don’t know about you but I suffer from a condition called “Weekenditis”. On the weekends I tend to consume more than on weekdays. I eat to celebrate and I eat as a reward for hard work. Here’s a quick and easy guide for combating the most common cravings:

Woman eating junk food

Sugar cravings could be the result of low blood sugar or the need to reduce stress as consuming sugar instantly makes us feel lighter. For some sugar cravings come from eating too much meat and the body craves sweet to find a balance. I suggest adding whole grains like brown rice or root vegetables that are sweet and nourishing. I love starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes with little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top or coconut oil. 
Salty food cravings can sometimes be a mineral deficiency. Sometimes people who take a lot of medications or supplements can crave salt to balance out what they are already taking in. If you have that crunchy 3pm-salty thing, ask yourself are you angry? Is there something you want to crunch out and not hear? A healthier crunchy alternative would be a yummy colorful raw salad or Food That Tastes Good’s all-natural sweet potato chips. 
Do you crave alcohol with meals? Sometimes alcoholic beverages can help the body digest heavy fatty foods. An example would be wine and cheese. Sometimes we crave alcohol just as we do sugar to make us feel lighter and less stressed out. Some alternatives could be drinking Kombucha, which is a fermented drink with only 0.5% alcohol. Kombucha is packed with B-vitamins and immune-supportive probiotics. Also other fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi can combat cravings for alcohol and help digestion. 
Spicy cravings usually happen for those that feel stagnant and have cold hands and feet. Pizza or Mexican foods are common foods used to get our circulation and spirits going. Instead of a big slice of pizza maybe a spicy soup or marinara sauce might do the trick. 
Creamy and cold food cravings are often about wanting comfort especially if you are depressed. This craving is often born out of a need for appreciation or a hug. Ice cream is probably the most popular coping mechanism for the heartbroken. Try to get a hug or some encouragement from someone you love. Another option is to have creamy protein smoothie or just have one scoop or a treat from the good ole ice cream man and make sure you eat it undistracted to fully savor it. Cold food cravings can also be a sign that you are simply craving cold water. When this cravings hits drink two cold glasses of water. 
For some chocolate is pure love. Those who crave chocolate are addicted to the theobromine in chocolate that makes us feel like we are in love. Also women suffering from PMS crave chocolate due to its high magnesium content as stress depletes magnesium. I see no issue with having a small piece of organic dark chocolate once in a while. Personally, I can’t buy chocolate in big quantities, by the time I get to the parking lot of Whole Foods it’s gone. Supplementing with magnesium is helpful or using carob instead of chocolate. 
When in doubt eat more balanced whole foods. Eating more balanced foods like grains, low-sugar fruits, nuts and leafy vegetables can combat cravings. When you start adding in whole foods you’ll crowd out the other cravings comfortably.


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  • Great advice. It *usually* works for me, too. . . ;)

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