To Be Vegan or Not and Some Athletes Who Are

Many people with dairy allergies chose to go vegan. Sometimes its just easier to eat out at vegan restaurants and cook from vegan books. I happened to listen to a very informative teleclass called The Great Meat Debate with Rose Cole, who is a certified holistic nutrition coach. I appreciate her non-dogmatic approach. Whose side am I on? I support Team Rose but I will invite you to listen for yourself. In the spirit of competition, I got to thinking about all the athletes who chose the vegan path. Can they compete with their carnivore contemporaries? You be the judge.


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  • These guys can definitely compete. I've met Tim VanOrden. The guy is a machine. Competes in stair climbing events and beats 20 year olds!

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)

  • Hi James,

    I heard Tim speak once years ago at an event at Karyn's. I'll never forget one of the recipes he recommended as a post-workout beverage: coconut water, agave and dulse blended.

    To Your Health as well, I'll be following you on Twitter! Take care.

    Patricia Biesen

  • Came across this researching the Great Meat Debate! Have always been on the fence about going full vegan, especially after reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, but haven't made the leap. Interested to hear your thoughts a few years down the line.

    - Lynn, Magic Cup Cafe

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