DePaul - Marquette rivalry looks to be alive

Mike Stovall with the shot.

Since DePaul and Marquette left Conference USA for the Big East their basketball programs have gone in different directions. The Blue Demons have gone 21-70 (23 percent) and the Golden Eagles have gone 57-34 (63 percent) in conference. Still, that hasn’t stopped the head-to-head matches from being excellent. Over that same time span Marquette has gone 6-2 against DePaul, and the rivalry has kept its intensity.

Recently it has something to do with a little 51-50 result at Allstate Arena on January 20, 2010, which gave DePaul the 1 in its 1-17 conference record last season. It seems the case the Marquette blogs aren’t ready for a repeat. Whether it’s Cracked Sidewalks talking about how the Golden Eagles will thrash DePaul or Anonymous Eagle talking about how (with some ridiculous math) the Bradley Center is only 10 minutes further away than Allstate from Lincoln Park, there’s some funny stuff going on.

The predictions look bleak for the Blue Demons with Ken Pomeroy giving them just a 4 percent chance (87-66 predicted score) and Accuscore doing no better at 3.2 percent (83.7-61.9), but no matter what happens it’s good to see that the rivalry is alive and well.
More previews at WeAreDePaul, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the capsule from Shannon Ryan at The Chicago Tribune. The game tonight is on ESPNU.
(Oh, and yes that is some grainy footage of Mike Stovall’s game winner from that fateful day last January. Have to take the shots when you can.)
Addendum: As Cracked Sidewalks pointed out on Twitter. They wrote about this rivalry last season. (Even includes a link back to our 5 Questions post.) It’s still an excellent read.

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