Tracking CBI/CIT Bids

UPDATE: Going to continue this, but Northwestern is in the NIT!

I’m going to be tracking all the bids I can find out about before Selection Sunday tonight. If I hear anything on Twitter or through my various Google Searches I’ll try and post it here. Obviously the goal is for Northwestern to play in the NIT, but there is a chance they might end up in a lower tournament. The CIT is almost exclusively reserved for mid-major schools – or at least the organizers seem to play it that way – so while I’ll be posting the known bids here, don’t expect the Wildcats to pop up on the list.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Northwestern has invited reporters to watch the NIT Selection show on ESPNU at the university and then talk to Bill Carmody and the players afterward. I don’t know what that means, but it is interesting.

All the schools and the bids they have accepted to the bottom tier tournaments are after the jump.

A couple projected NIT brackets, none with Northwestern in. To wet your appetite:

1. Appalachian State – justification here
2. George Mason – justification here
3. Northern Colorado – justification here
4. Creighton – justification here
5. South Dakota – automatic
from Great West
6. Marshall – justification here – assuming no NIT bid
7. Southern Mississippi – justification here
8. Louisiana Tech – same as above
9. Fairfield – justification here
10. Missouri State – justification here
11. Middle Tennessee State – and here
12. Portland – justification here
13. Western Carolina – justification here
14. Harvard – justification here
15. Pacific – justification here
16. Loyola Marymount – same as above

1. Green Bay – justification here
2. George Washington – justification here and here
3. Colorado State – justification here
4. Morehead State – justification here
5. Oregon State – justification here
6. Hofstra – the bracket is out, it is official against IUPUI
7. IUPUI – justification here
8. Akron – justification here
9. Indiana State – justification here
10. VCU – justification here
11. St. Louis – justification here
12. Boston University – justification here
13. Princeton University
14. Eastern Kentucky – justification here
15. College of Charleston – justification above
16. Duquesne – playing Princeton

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  • This jives with my research. I'd only add Illinois State will end up in one of these two, most likely.

  • George Mason apparently hosting Fairfield.

  • how bout those Cats!

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