Tyler Honeycutt Draft Profile


Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA)
(6’8 SF/SG, 190 lbs.)

Tyler Honeycutt is coming out after his Sophomore Year at UCLA.  He came to UCLA as a skinny player with a high skill level and while he has played well enough to tantalize scouts as a prospect, hasn’t lived up to expectations.   He’s a streaky shooter capable of big games but didn’t break out as much as expected.

Offensively, Tyler gets scores largely as a streaky catch-and-shoot
player.  He has a great basketball IQ and shoots with great form.  He plays with a smooth and slippery style, generating mid range shots off of backdoor cuts or creases in the defense. 

Tyler has great ball-handling for a
player his size, but is unlikely creative or strong enough to
break down NBA defenders off the dribble regularly.

If he can add weight (his frame should support that) and a more consistent shot, he might have an easier time fending off the defenders.  With a bit more weight on his frame and his height at shooting guard, he could develop a mid post game using his height and passing instincts to score or find teammates. 

Defensively, is where he can make his living at the next level.  Tyler has a great basketball IQ, solid lateral quickness, and a great wingspan.   He should be able to defend the two or the three effectively. 

He averaged nearly seven rebounds, two blocks, and a steal a game which shows his versatility and activity level.  He can defend multiple positions and play with a high motor.  Adding strength would address his major defensive weakness of fighting through screens, but he has a lot of potential on the defensive end.


Overall, Tyler is an intriguing prospect and who’s game should translate well at the next level if he adds strength and consistency to his jumper.  His most resembles a Courtney Lee, Tayshaun Prince or Doug Christie.  He has solid handles, great passing vision, good shooting form though an inconsistent shot, and great defensive ability.

Tyler should be drafted anywhere from mid to late first round and will probably be a steal in this draft.  This draft is dearth in talent and skill, and while Tyler is not going to be a superstar, he should be a player in the league for a long time.

How does he fit on Bulls?

The Bulls need a secondary ball-handler and creator who can defend and shoot.  While Tyler is currently a streaky shooter, he does provide potential in all the areas we need.

He’s versatile enough to handle the ball, play defense, and has potential to develop into a quality NBA shooter while playing with a high basketball IQ.  He played well in the clutch on both ends of the floor, making big plays on offense and defense.   While he’s not someone can take over a game, he has all the characteristics of a great role player.

If the Bulls want Tyler, they will likely need to use their two picks to trade up to grab him.  His draft status will likely improve as the workouts continue.  He’ll need to prove to teams that he has the work ethic necessary to add weight and improve consistency on his shot.

While he might be a year away from major contributions, he could play spot minutes for the Bulls right away based on skill level and excellent defense.  I do feel that he is one of the high basketball IQ players that would  provide more impact than most players in the mid-20’s and he is one of my favorite players in this range. 

He seems to also be one of those players that just gets it and has a knack for doing things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.  I think he would do well as a backup shooting guard initially with potential to blossom into a starter after some seasoning.


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  • At this point, the Bulls have two options...

    1.) Trade up and get Marshon Brooks, Alec Burks or Klay Thompson.
    2.) Do a sign and trade for Nick Young or Arron Afflalo.

    I think they end up with 1 of those 5 SG's, as well as Justin Harper & E'Twaun Moore.

    That would be a great draft plan.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Alec Burks and Klay are going way to high for any combo of our draft assets to be able to reach them. Brooks would be great and I would def trade up for him if the oppurtunuity presented itself but I think he could be in that too high to reach catagory as well.

    JR would bt the better option but Young without depleting our roster would be nice. He can take over games offensivly. I would welcome both with open arms.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    His size and quickness seems intriguing. This is exactly what the Bulls need if his ball handling skills/shot making can improve.
    Can he fight through screens to play defense?
    We need good players to grow with Rose when he gets into his prime when Boozer/Deng are probably done.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Boozer and to a lesser extent Deng are done as soon as we are able to dump their contracts.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I like him, but don't think he fits, at least right now as we are currently constructed, b/c he doesn't have the ability to take over on the offensive end.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Nice review K.S. I agree Tyler Honeycutt due to his athleticism and feel for the game has a real chance to have an NBA career at SF probably as a rotation/bench guy. He can defend with above average lateral quickness while hitting threes at 35% or thereabouts, and should find a place in the league. Just not with the Bulls.

    Honeycutt has scored 7 and 12.7 ppg on overall 40% shooting this year granted while many of his shots/five per game come from threes. He's been seriously injury prone, and is noted as passive and very inconsistent at when he decides to be agressive offensively. We need scorers, and shooting 60% from the line and then 73% I just don't see a scorer. The way draft boards look now there are just other guys higher on my list available. We don't need another role player, we need scorers.

    As for Marshon Brooks, no burn as a freshman and followed up with 10 and 14ppg shooting high 60's/low 70's from the line with three point shooting at or below 34% three of his four years. If he's a freak athlete who can D it up then maybe he finds a home, but his activity numbers on steals etc. don't show that at all. And he does not possess superior quickness. He's just a senior taking advantage of his 22 year old development. No thanks.

    I'm glad the Bulls are doing the right thing looking at prolific scorers from the get go and three point shooters like Klay Thompson who's athleticism is underrated. The other guy I like who could be available at picks 28-30 is Reggie Jackson. Elite athleticism really with exceptional quickness. His scoring was not prolific his first two seasons, but at 42% from three on over five attempts in his breakout season. 18ppg on 50% shooting with 80% from the line. This guy has busted out, and has the athleticism, good handles, and quickness to back it up. He's the guy I'm most interested in where the Bulls are drafting. They'd obviously have to trade up for Klay Thompson or Alec Burkes. And the other though late bloomer, but clearly skilled scoring big is JuJuan Johnson.

    I crave the fantasy trade of prolific scorer like Monta Ellis, but in reality we are going to probably have to strike ir rich/get lucky in the draft getting another quality scorer/15ppg and up on 45% and up shooting. Thompson, Burks, Reggie Jackson, and Charles Jenkins are at the top of my list with Johnson as a replacement big should we miraculously unload Boozer.

  • In reply to MikeKeane:

    I feel the same way about Brooks. The mid major guy I want is Charles Jenkins. Have I said this enough?

  • In reply to MikeKeane:

    I agree a lot; I just like this guys skill and feel it is worth a chance barring some other players don't fall. I do questions his ability to care and that is something Bulls Brass will be determining.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I hope that he cares about playing the game more than Boozer cares about playing defense, then again more than zero is probably not enough to get it done.

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