Taj Gibson discusses his foot injury and Tom Thibodeau

This is about a week old, but I missed it in the flurry to discuss Carlos Boozer’s championship aspirations this season.

From the same day, Nick Friedell also caught up with Taj Gibson who was also at the House of Hoops opening:

Gibson gutted his way through the entire 82 game season a year ago
while dealing with plantar fasciitis in his foot, but after a summer’s
worth of rehab he feels like he is healthy and ready to go.

“It’s feeling much better,” he said. “Just getting rehab, staying on
it, get icing [treatments], it’s been going well. The Bulls staff has
taken really good care of my foot.”

Speaking of the Bulls’ coaching staff, Gibson has been impressed early on by what he’s seen from new head coach Tom Thibodeau.

“It’s been great,” he said. “I’ve been going in [the Berto Center]
everyday, working out extremely hard trying to get better and just
learning from him and his staff. The staff has been treating me so well,
[I’m] just learning from them. Thibs is a coach we’re going to have a
great respect for, just how he goes with his gameplans and how he
handles his business and I’m just looking forward to learning from him.”

Friedell added some context to the quote by saying Gibson was ready to go while the quote itself made it sound like Gibson may still be getting treatment.   I’m going to assume the context added though clears up the point and that Gibson is in fact ready to go which is obviously a big plus.

Those plantar fasciitis injuries can take forever to heal if enough rest isn’t happening to allow the foot to heal.

As for Thibodeau, the quote is interesting, and I’m sure that I’m reading way too much into it, but when you think of the “positives” that he mentioned (respect for coach, game planning), you immediately assume that those were weaknesses of the last staff don’t you?  

It could simply be that he was just saying the first nice thing that came to mind, but typically the first nice thing that comes to mind would be something that was of great improvement over your previous coach otherwise it wouldn’t be a positive, but just be a neutral.

Either way, while completely unfair to Taj to extract that meaning out of things, it certainly meshes with what we believe to be the case (that the players didn’t really respect VDN and that he was a poor game planner).  Certainly I expect coaching to move from a weakness last season to a strength this season.


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  • I'm so ready for this season to start and hopefully see the great things we expect from our Bulls now! I hope Noah, and JJ, gave their feet rest as well and have healed up! We were really desemated by injuries last year!

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    word to your motha.

  • A better coached Bulls team wins that epic 08 series against Boston. Really, the only reason there were so many OTs was because neither team could close. Sure I expect certain improvements during the reg season: smarter rotations, better out of bounds plays, more variation in offense, etc. But it's the playoffs where coaches earn their paychecks and I hope above all else this year we can again enter a playoff series without being so unquestionably outcoached. BTW this is probably an advantage we have over Miami...Pat Riley STAY RETIRED!!

  • I agree Thibodeau might be a better game planner but we have to wait to see his management abilities and the ability to motivate, take care of distractions and be the leader and graduate from the micro-tasking part of the assistant coach. We just don't know about that. For all his faults, VDN did a decent job on that front.

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    Yeah, if anything keeps the Bulls' win total down this year it'll be the adjustment period in the first half of the year. I haven't checked the schedule yet, I wonder if we have some soft teams to beat up on the second half.

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    Hey Doug I'm surprised you havent mentioned the fact that the bulls are close to signing John Lucas III as the third point guard on the team, or did you and I missed it?

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    I mentioned it in one of the other blogs, I read on NBA-TV yesterday that the Bulls have invited Lucas to camp with a partially guaranteed contract.

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    word to your motha.

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    "There are no accidents." - Master Shifu

    "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Sigmund Freud

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    Apologies It was Master Oogway, not Master Shifu.

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    For what its worth, there's a new story from Marc Spears on Yahoo Sports saying Carmelo prefers to be traded to Bulls or Knicks.


  • While Taj doesn't seem like the kind of guy to purposely bash VDN it's hard not to read that into it...even is subconsciously

  • Sorry off topic but, I just got done watching Serbia vs Spain (trying to check out Rudy), what a game. Rudy couldn't shoot today but really made some big plays in the 2nd half and showed some outstanding athletism for a white guy lol. I think I still hope we get him cause I enjoy watching him play. Glad that they have been showing these FIBA games cause its helping me get my bball fix.

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    word to your motha.

  • For a team of players who didn't respect thier coach, the team did alright. Even good enough for VDN to win another head coaching job. With the upgrade in talent and a respectable coach, maybe Boozer is right; we should be competing for a championship this year. I still think this is going to be Deng's true break out season. There is just too much supporting talent with the starting five for anyone to be a liability. 4 of the 5 starters can give you 10+ points a night / 7+ rebounds a night / 4 assists a night / 1+ stills a night / and 1+ blocks a night. Brewers can give you everything but consistant points which really make the Bulls a very balanced team considering we can plug any position with a quality bench player. Watson pg / Korver & Bogans sg-sf / Gibson pf / Thomas & Asik f-c. I like everything about this Bulls team and we'll know for sure by the Alstar break just how dangerous this very balanced, well coached team will be in comparison to the truly elite teams in the NBA.

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    word to your motha.

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