Updated Bulls salary cap

I’ve been told by someone I trust that the Bulls have 11.8 million left
in cap room if J.J. Redick is matched which is widely expected. This
was told to me as fact and not a guess. Trying to fill in the pieces of
how we got there, the most logical solution is that Boozer and Korver
both signed flat deals and Asik signed a max ascending 3 year 4 million
dollar deal (3y/4m was reported by KC Johnson I’ve been told though I
didn’t see it personally).

That gives the Bulls salaries looking something like this:

Player Salary
Carlos Boozer $15,200,000
Luol Deng $11,345,000
Derrick Rose $5,546,160
Kyle Korver $5,000,000
Joakim Noah $3,128,536
James Johnson $1,713,600
Taj Gibson $1,117,680
Omer Asik $1,234,568
Vet Min $473,604
Vet Min $473,604
Vet Min $473,604
Vet Min $473,604
Total: $46,179,960
Salary Cap: $58,044,000
Cap Remaining $11,864,040


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    - Brad Miller
    - Ronnie Brewer
    - Acie Law


    PG - Rose/Law
    SG - Brewer/Korver
    SF - Deng/Johnson
    PF - Boozer/Gibson
    C - Noah/Miller/Asik

    * Plus add a few of the SUMMER LEAGUE guys to fill out the roster.

    I think that is the CHEAPEST way to go, which is usually what we see from the Bulls.


    I would LOVE to see Dickey Johnson traded for a quality SG or SG's.

    - Ronnie Brewer
    - Sam Young
    - Rudy Fernandez
    - Wayne Ellington
    - Nick Young

    I think it would be better to add TWO young SG's and have Korver play back-up SF.

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    if you must post comments, make an effort to ensure it makes sense

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    So, what you are saying is the Bulls can't GIVE DICKEY JOHNSON away.

    I hope you are wrong.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    The SG/SF I wanted the Bulls to draft last year, SAM YOUNG, had 35 pts. last night.

    What did Dickey Johnson have the other day? 7pts.


  • BULK:

    I would also like to see Craig Smith or Louis Amundson added to the roster.

    PF - Boozer/Gibson/Smith or Amundson
    C - Noah/Miller/Asik

    That's a DEEP and VERSATILE frontline.

  • You are so damn annoying. NO one IS going TO trade A promising YOUNG SG for JAMES JOHNSON.

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    Probably not, because Dickey Johnson sucks.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Not as bad as Beyers.....

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The rotation on the 2 and 3 spot scares me!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would be a lot more comfortable if we move Korver over to the backup 3 and then signed barnes as our starter and brewer as our backup 2...

    But I think Barnes has his mind made up as where he is signing and I don't think its here

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    It's about time Chicago uses one of it's 4 or 5 draft picks next year for a S&T for one of the restricted FA's they're after. Just like Utah got a trade exception for Boozer (which lead to Utah obtaining Al Jefferson) I know another team wouldn't mind gaining that exception.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Rip could probably be had if the bulls wanted to spend the money we could. Probably trade JJ for him just because he would give them cap relief

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    PG - Rose/John Lucas III
    SG - Brewer/Korver
    SF - Deng/ Johnson
    PF - Boozer/Gibson
    C - Noah/Miller/Asik

    With that extra money we need to first extend Rose and Noah's contracts. Then worry about landing more players.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It seems like the Bulls would still like to get at least one other player capable of making a three-pointer - Korver excels at this, but we need to be able to space the floor when he's on the bench. The wing player that can shoot the 3 and play defense really isn't available anymore, so it seems to me like signing a two-headed monster of Rudy Fernandez and Ronnie Brewer - who, combined, form a complete player at the 2 guard. This would free Korver from having to play more than 20 minutes a game (something, I think, that would be bad) and give nice depth between the two positions. An alternative would be to sign Brewer and find a PG with a credible 3-point shot, but I'm not sure that guy exists on the current FA market. Round it out with a rugged rebounder at center (Kurt Thomas?), and I think it's a solid roster.

    I don't see the sense in spending money on Miller - if he were our backup C, we'd really only have a single player capable of defending an opposing center (Noah).

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I decided to look further into Rudy Fernandez. Especially since I've only seen him play once or twice.

    The first thing I look at with a guard(SG) is can he defend. Just like PG's if your SG is average or has poor lateral quickness then your giving up as much as your getting with them, especially against the really good teams/SG's the Kobe's, Wade's etc.

    All the info/scuting reports available/I read say he's got good quickness, but is not persistent covering his man or smart making the right play on double teams/pick and rolls etc.

    It's tough assessing a lot of these guys because without seeing them personally a lot I just don't know what their personalities are like with competitiveness and awareness/intelligence.

    That's why I like watching college prospects again and again like Taj Gibson. Of course I picked James Johnson too because the guys I watched/scouted eiuther withdrew or got injured(were not in the draft). I will never make that mistake again. To me Johnson is a headcase plain and simple. I sincerely doubt I would have wanted him on the Bulls if I had a thorough sampling of his on court presence and demeanor.

    So picking these free agents/additions to me is really a big gamble. Unless it's a stud or very good player you've been able to watch many times.

    Since I have hardly ever seen Fernandez, or Brewer, or Mason play much it's a gamble to me. All you can go by is rep and stats.

    Back to Fernandez. With his quickness if he's a hard worker and willing learner without attitude/maturity issues(the anti-J.J. - who I'm not saying there isn't hope for, but he's got a long way to go) then I'd say defensively in Thib's team system he could be OK/not a liability.

    Offensively when you shoot almost 400 threes at 40% that's saying something. While he didn't do much in the playoffs last year, and only appeared in 62 games, he would be an intriguing option to me. I don't know that he's anything, but a more prolific Kyle Korver though when you think about it.

    I'd really prefer Barnes because he gives you very good D on big SG's while being able to get hot and can threes. But if Fernandez and Korver can get by in Thib's helping defensive system they could be a gold mine making teams pay for doubling Derrick, and clearing things up nicely for Boozer and Noah.

    I sure wouldn't give up more then one first rounder for him though. Right now being dissapointed we're not likely getting Barnes, I'd go with Brad Miller as another perimeter option and big depth as a lot of value, and he's an impact scorer when he gets his rest. Then Ronnie Brewer and Rafer Alston as a competent back up point which actually is not as easy to come by as it seems. Acie Law did look decent at times so maybe you skip Alston and go with he and John Lucas.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Bulls supposed offered the 17th pick in this year's draft for Fernandez, and the Blazers turned it down. It would likely require the 1st round we acquired from Charlotte to get Rudy.

  • Would explain why Boozer ended up signing for the 76 rather than 80 that was originally reported too. Probably also explains why we haven't moved on Brewer, he's waiting for some money to free up.

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