Bulls Beat #145 - K.C. Johnson stops by

Beat #145 – Interview with K.C. Johnson

K.C. Johnson stops by to answer questions about Free
Agency, Tom Thibodeau, the luxury tax, the fate of the CBA, and so much


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  • Downloading it! BTW, saw this on the Bulls site http://www.nba.com/bulls/news/draft_2010.html. All the players interviewed are shooting guards. So I guess, this is their draft board (George, Henry, Anderson and Jones)

  • Great job, guys! Loved the podcast. Please do it again sometime!

  • Great interview.

    I wish you would have gotten into the whole WWW saying he hasnt and doesnt want to sit down with Lebron about Free Agency. I think its pretty signifigant if you take him at his word. Maybe Wes isnt that big a part of James inner circle.

    But I like KC on here much more than his writing. He sometimes just says the obvious. I wish he could be more exploratory with his articles but he is still probably the most reliable Bulls reporter out.

    And Im glad someone else feels Lee isnt that good. He gets over valued in NY because he gets numbers on a terrible team. It means nothing.

    Great interview on both ends tho.

  • Now we all just have to send in questions referencing something he said on the Bulls Confidential podcast, to get Doug some free advertisements in KC's mailbag.

  • I haven't had the time to listen to one of your shows in a while Doug, but I'll definitely make sure I check this one out.

    Not that I respect KC's opinions and insight more than yours, of course!

  • Well done. Hope to hear this again someday. Two well informed gents.

  • KC reads your blog!

  • Yea, check the Realgm headlines from yesterday. It was late last night.

  • Great Job Doug, although I'd still take Lee over nothing.

  • Nice interview, Doug. I like the analysis at the end about David Lee. I don't mind if the Bulls sign Lee if they keep Taj. Taj is expendable if we get Bosh/Amare. It can be a 3/4 man combo in the paint of Taj, Lee, Noah and maybe Miller/Brendan Haywood etc.. I think Lee complements Taj in a way.
    One thing I would like to see is like a bunch of Bulls team scenarios...1. Dream Team(LeBron, Bosh,Noah, Rose and Morrow?) 2. Realistic Team(Noah, Rose, Deng, Joe Johnson, Lee) 3. Worst Case team(Noah, Rose, Deng, Hinrich, Boozer(on a max deal)..

    The worst case scenario is the Bulls signing Lee/Joe Johnson for 4 year deals and Haywood for a 3 year deal

  • Good job Doug! I hope we don't end up w/ Joe Johnson unless it is at 13 million and one of Hinrich/Deng is not here.

  • Come to think of it, I was just noticing those links a couple days ago.

  • Consider how big the Bulls under Pax have been on attitude. Amare can go from star to cancer in the blink of an eye.

    That said, if we strike out on Lebron and Bosh, you have to at least talk to the guy. I think I'd rather have Lee and Morrow, though, and see what Rose can do continuing to lead the team.

  • How about Jonathan Givony next?

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