Scottie Pippen makes the hall of fame. Now let's make this about Pippen

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Scottie Pippen is being inducted into the basketball hall of fame.  I’ll spare you my “the basketball hall of fame sucks, we should listen to Bill Simmons” rant in order to give you another one.

Can we please make this all about Scottie.   I still cringe at the night they retired Pippen’s jersey at the United Center and all the speeches focused on some other dude who played with the Bulls at the same time.

This is Pippen’s honor, it’s Pippen’s time.   It’s time to talk about Pippen, and how great he was.   Not how great a sidekick he was, but how great he was.

Scottie Pippen is perhaps the best perimeter defender in the history of the NBA.  He was a legitimate MVP candidate, and the worst call in the history of the NBA away from having a legit shot at winning a title in the NBA as the best player on his team (seriously, how Hugh Hollins can travel in Chicago without being assassinated is really one of life’s mysteries isn’t it).

Scottie’s a phenomenal leader.   Any book chronicling the Pippen era of the Bulls points out how he was the guy everyone on the team looked up to for encouragement.  In fact, Bill Wennington noted in his book that if he had the first pick in a scrimmage at Bulls practice that he’d use it on Scottie because of how much his leadership could pick up a team.

Scottie made other people better.   He didn’t carry other people with his greatness, but his game emphasized the team concept and created greatness in others.   Other players legitimately played better because of Scottie and not simply because they had less defensive attention on them.   He had a true point guard mentality and game in a small forward body.

Congratulations Scottie, you deserve it.


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  • I agree Scottie was the best. Considering the circumstances he grew up, it was probably tough on him to adjust to a big city/competitive environment. Thus he made some mistakes but nothing which is big compared to what Kobe did in Colorado. We should celebrate his achievement. I can never forget how he defended players like Kevin Johnson, Stockton and other great players.
    Just thinking how Scottie would have fared if he had played with Patrick Ewing or Hakeem Olajuwon in their prime..

  • Awesome! Pip was ALWAYS my favorite Bull and I'm glad he's getting his due. We all know he played next to His Airness, but Pip was awesome. He deserves the accolades and respect, too.

  • I agree that this should be all about Pippen, but I truly believe that if Pippen hadn't gone to the Bulls and played, and more importantly practiced with you know who, he would not be entering the hall of fame, and likely would have been a run of the mill player, or at best one of those guys who teased with potential but never lived up to it.

    In this way Pippen is much like Joe Montana, who would probably have been a nobody had he been drafted by the Bears(as they were about to do, unlike Halas intervened at the last second) in the 3rd round just before the 49er's and Bill Walsh.

    Jordan had as much or more to do with making Pippen the player that he became, and that includes Pippen himself. This is something that can never be ignored when discussing or honoring Pippen.

    No matter how he got there or why, Pippen, in his own way is undeniably one of the signature players in NBA history, he changed the game. NBA execs are always looking for the next Scotie Pippen type player. There are just not that many players who get to be their own type. He was likely the best non shot blocking defensive player in the history of the game, as many an opposing coach said, he was a one man full court press, the leader of the dobermans.

    The respect that his teamates have for him is most impressive to me. Yet I wonder if he would make the NBA top 50, if the vote were held again today.

    I look forward to his induction. I think that his acceptance will be very interesting, perhaps as cringeworthy as Jordan's. I just hope that he doesn't embarass himself.

  • This is great news. It's sometimes easy to forget how great Scottie was. People (including me sometimes) remember that that team was one of the greatest teams in NBA history, and that there wasn't a ton beyond Michael and Scottie. A lot of times, people just frame that in their mind as "Michael was great". But the truth is that Michael was great and Scottie was great.

    On a slightly related note...I was watching PTI the other day and they were talking about Michael as an on ball defender, and they said he was the best defender on the team...but I always thought Scottie was considered the better defender? Wasn't Scottie the guy who was put on the other team's best player? I mean, Michael was a great defender, but I always thought Scottie was the better defender. Is this some sort of history rewrite?

  • In reply to Duke:

    I can't believe anyone would ever say that Jordan was the best on-ball defender on the team. That's horseshit. Jordan was a great help defender and that is why his steal/block numbers were as high as they were. Not to slight Jordan, but Pippen's defense was disgustingly great.

    Pippen was always my favorite basketball player, period. I still almost wish they'd have given him to coaching job over Del Negro, even if he wouldn't have worked out as a coach. Regardless, he should've gotten the interim job a few years back. Boylan was terrible.

    I wish my Pippen jersey from when I was a kid still fit. Maybe when the economy recovers and I find real employment I can afford one.

  • In reply to Duke:

    Pippen you were a great player however dont ever think you will ever coach my bulls team. Congrats on the HOF, make some money off of it and put it in the bank for once.

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