1st rounder from Charlotte

The earliest the Bulls can get this pick is 2012.   It’s protected for four years and unprotected in the 5th year.   The protection starts at the lottery and goes down each year.  

Until looking this up, I thought teams could only trade picks up to five years in the future, but apparently my memory serves me incorrectly and it’s seven years into the future.   The Bulls will definitely get a pick in this case whereas I thought there would be a scenario where they wouldn’t get the pick if Minnesota didn’t get theirs until the final year of protection.

The latest the Bulls can get the pick is 2016.

That’s some pretty long value, but sometimes those things pay off big time.  Ask the Utah Jazz who get the Knicks unprotected 1st rounder this year.


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  • When I first heard the news I was worried it was a 2010 pick. Getting Tyrus for some guards who might help and a first rounder is better than I was expecting going into today.

  • That Jazz pick is from 2003 so yes you are right Doug, it does pay off some times. The bobcats dont have a long window really so I am not worried. Their two main guys are Wallace and Jackson who are not in their early 20s anymore. I rather take the pick in 2012 than have it this season.

  • If Detroit didn't mess up with Darko, that deal worked out good as well

  • Doug, When the new players can play for the Bulls? Saturday?

  • You never know what a pick like that could bring. Artest was, I think, a 16th pick. A lot of very good players are picked in that range.

  • Kelly Dwyer over at Y! Sports (and half the NBA GMs) believes Salmons is likely to opt-in:


  • In the "future power rankings" ESPN did at one point this season gauging the projected future of teams I think Charlotte came in the worst. I applaud Larry Brown for getting them in playoff contention and I like some of their players, but they've drafted terribly and don't have a great base of young talent to grow from. This pick could end up being huge down the road and is certainly a nice asset to have or throw into a trade.

  • I hope the new players are playing tomorrow, as I have tickets for the game. I hope to GOD I run into Boylan again....kicking a dead horse can be fun.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Why would Boylan be at T-wolves game? Also Warrick and Alexander will play 2morrow

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    i imagine the bulls have the ability to ask the palyers if they're going to opt in or opt out of contracts, i guess the bulls asked salmons, and he said he would. for that reason, bulls probably traded him for that reason.

    that charlotte pick is starting to look really awesome. maybe we could coerce mj into becoming the new isiah.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    i dont think kyle dwyer really watched bulls games, salmons was playing rather well/decently off the bench.

    i dont believe salmons really is a player on a bad contract. we just didnt need him, and wanted him off the books.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    This really offsets losing 2 2nd round picks to Milwaukee. We have time, we can wait on the pick. Great asset!

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    K.C. Johnson stated that it's a 2012 pick period. Either he wasn't being thorough or whatever. If it's 2012/two years from now I can handle it. If it was later then that I'd be disappointed.

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    You never know...Maybe Gerald Wallace gets hurt for most of the season and the Bobcats are a terrible team again. Or maybe one of their Free Agents leave in a couple years or is traded...Bulls could strike gold with this draft pick. Teams love draft picks as well...so its good trade bait too. 2012 is a long time away...teams can be good one year and terrible the next. Bulls did a good job...people are going to like Flip Murray...hopefully Law can knock down some open shots as well...if he gets playing time. Warrick is going to be a nice player too.

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