Derrick Rose wants to set up others rather than shoot more

Per Mike McGraw:

There was some discussion Monday about Derrick Rose’s role in the
offense, whether he should try to take things over and be more of a
scorer. He does that sometimes, but it’s also obvious that opposing
teams are sagging back waiting for his drives, because they know the
Bulls don’t shoot well from the perimeter.

Here are Rose’s thoughts on the topic: “People are saying they want
me to shoot more, but I’m the point guard, I can’t do that. I’ve got to
pass the ball to people and get them open. So taking over as a point
guard is getting people open and shooting it here and there. If I was
the two guard, it would be something else. That’s just not my game
right now.”

Asked the same question, coach Vinny Del Negro’s first response was,
“What do you think?” in sort of an “isn’t it obvious we want him to
take over” manner.

Del Negro went on to talk about how it’s a learning process for a
young point guard; he wants him to be aggressive, but also set up
teammates, etc. He added a line that was interesting.

“There are other areas Derrick will continue to improve in that are probably more important than that,” Del Negro said.

This is one of those paragraphs that you could take and write two entirely different views from:

The glass is half empty approach in brief:

“What the hell is wrong with this guy, he’s our best player, he needs to step up and score!   A superstar would never shy away from more shots when he’s the best player on the team and his teammates aren’t getting it done!”.

The glass is half full approach in brief:

“We are so lucky to have one of the few unselfish guys in the league.   So many PGs basically chuck their teams out of games and destroy the offense by dominating the ball.  You can’t have your PG be the dominant shot taker, and thank the heavens Rose realizes this!”.

Okay, a little hyperbole in both views there, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably oscillating a bit between the two views.   Fact is, we do need Rose to step up and score more at times.   On the other hand, it’s not like Rose is dominating the games with offensive efficiency, and I think Rose is right to not force the issue unless he’s simply dominating his matchup.

In the end, I’m pretty content with the number of shots Rose is taking a game.  I’m also content with where he’s taking those shots from recently.   The most important thing for Rose is to draw contact.   Jump to draw contact and attempt to finish, don’t jump to avoid contact and throw up a floater.

Quite simply, Rose doesn’t need to shoot more, but he does need to get more points out of the shots he does take.   That will happen by getting more free throw attempts.


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  • I think Rose said it best as to why he's taking the floaters is because he's not getting foul calls

  • Someone should tell Rose to forget the word Point Guard and call himself a Guard. What stupid book was written that states how a point guard should play? Out of all the positions in basketball, PG historically is the most limited spot, no one is ever happy.

    Iverson was a scorer, Marbury a distributor, but because he scored too he was not a "true" point guard? I don't get it.

    I think it is time for Rose to score more and the assists will follow. He needs to force up shots simply because trying to get the others involved is not working. Or atleast start forcing them up when the Bulls are down 20, launch some threes I don't care.

    Also he should push the ball more after made baskets and that would free up himself, Deng and Salmons who can run with anyone. Why aren't the Bulls a fast paced team? I don't know.

    Yah he could draw some more contact but the main problems are the offense and the fact that there are no fast breaks to get easy buckets.

  • Yeah I think the fgas are fine. I dont think Rose is taking any less shots than anyone else but rather he doesnt get to the line so practically every shot counts as an attempt.

    For instance, I thought Rose was equally aggressive in the Detroit game as he was in the Nets game. The Nets game he took 23 fgs, against Detroit 9 fgs. But he took 9 free throws that game and that was the difference. He had a highly efficient game against Detroit and only credited for 9 fgs.

    So I agree that he just needs to live at the line and things will change 10 fold for Rose offensively.

  • Doug that was actually a fair, balanced, and dare I say decent handling/appraisal of Rose.. I'm shocked! I'm kidding. Nice job anyway.

    Really, I hate to keep saying it, but with a mentor/good coach I really think Rose' game could be much better in all aspects(this season); that's not to mention a legit post presence and better talent. He certainly settles for too many floaters, and doesn't know how to draw contact. A lot of his drives are in a straight line without the nice crossovers and hesitations he displayed at times last year. I feel sorry for Derrick because people think he's soft and not a competitor, but he's still so young with basically coming out of high school and into the pros after a whirlwind year of college. His personal life seems very sheltered with the predominance of his brothers(and his mom I guess(?)

    It'll be up to him though to have the mental resolve to hold down the fort until help(players/a coach arrives). I still think it's possible a transformation could occur, and he could be a part of a contending team. My biggest concern by far is how mentally disengaged he can be/is defensively. But you could/can say that about many rookies/young players.

    Off topic I know you have a lot of criticisms of Taj(and you'll probably disagree), but I think a poor team, weak coach, and somewhat rep as foul prone in college is feeding into the refs just mercilessly calling fouls on him(half of which I'd say are B.S.)I mean I could put a stationary mannequin on the baseline, and there'd be the same movement as Taj sometimes yet the foul is called. Ridiculous. Think about his points per minutes on the court and field goal efficiency. Even with such limitations he's way up there in rebounds and blocks for rookies is he not?

  • Personally, I think DROSE needs to layoff that one-handed floater or push shot of his and start going STRONG to the basket. He's strong enough to absorb contact and still finish at the rim.

    Sooner or later, he'll get the foul calls.

  • Thanks for motivating Taj Gibson, Doug.


  • I doubt he said all of that. The guy who asked the questions basically herd ums yeas uhuhs etc so he basically wrote it.

  • I don't know if this assesment about Derrick Rose is valid but, so far from what I've seen, I think that he is just confused about how to get his teammates involved. I think he is passing the ball and getting people involved, he is just not getting "guys open". He usually takes the ball up court and then gives the ball to Salmons or Deng on the wings or one of the big men on the high post. I like his mentality of trying to be a pass-first point guard but the way he does that is not really that effective. I believe when people ask him to be more aggresive, they should encourage him to drive and kick more or to make the defense collapse on him and just pass the ball outside (which is probably the same, I know). IMO, that will improve his overall effectiveness, will make his assist numbers go up and help the team get a better offensive flow.

  • Doug, any chance VDN was referring to Rose's defense? It's still pretty horrendous.

  • Do we really want Rose to shoot more?

    He's not a good shooter. Of course, noone else on the team is either.

    Not a PG? He sure as hell better be a PG. At 6-3 he's not going to be a shooting guard. And we don't need a combo guard. What 6-3 combo guard was a superstar?

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