Luol Deng missed Tuesday's evening practice

Mike McGraw’s article:

Bull horns: Coach Vinny Del Negro canceled the final scheduled day of
double sessions and went with just one practice on Wednesday. – Luol
Deng sat out Tuesday’s evening practice to rest his right shin, which
is recovering from a stress fracture. He participated in Wednesday’s
single workout.

Is it panic worthy?   No.   However, it’s noteworthy.   Can we assume that he participated in both sessions on Sat-Mon?   I know he did on Saturday (I was there), and no one else reported otherwise for Sun/Mon, so it’s probably fair to assume that’s true as well.

So is sitting out 1 session out of 9 possible sessions a big deal?   No, it certainly isn’t.  However, as my man coldfish said on realgm:

OK, by anyone’s definition of the phrase, does 100% include sitting out
practices for precautionary reasons? Is Luol 100% and everyone else who
practiced actually 125%?

Not time to worry yet as he’s still participated in the other 8 sessions through two-a-days, but it’s something to keep an eye on.  I think it’s clear though that the leg isn’t 100% yet or else there wouldn’t be reports of soreness or him sitting out a session to rest it.


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  • Maybe a better question is, "Do athletes ever rturen from stress fractures to 100% again?" I'm having some horrible flashbacks right now to another former Duke swingman that was similarly afflicted...

  • Stress fracture is how it all started, but his was his ankle not his shin. Of course, he had further complications due to the metal rods that were put in, along with a staph infection that ocurred later on as well.

    If Lu can't make it through this year, the Bulls might consider doing him a favor and sending him (back to) Phoenix with their miracle doctors.

  • Soreness is normal for all players in preseason work outs. The Bull's are smart in letting Deng sit out, he will be able to evaluate the injury and see how his body responds.

    Vinnie said he will play many combinations in the preseason. Deng should focus on getting ready for the regular season. Preseason games are not important until the end after a rotation has been defined.

    If Deng and Thomas put it together the Bulls will have a chance at winning 40 games. The backup rookies, Johnson & Gibson have a big learning curve.

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