Bulls schedule released

The link isn’t working for me, but it was copied up on realgm.

Edit link now up on bulls.com

One thing worth noting is that all home tip offs are at 7pm rather than 7:30.  This doubly sucks for me since it will now be harder to get to the games, and I won’t be able to watch them until my kids are in bed, so I’ll miss more of the beginning.
Typical Bulls schedule.  The primary difference between this and past years is that our February road trip has been moved to January.   The Bulls will have a tough opening to the season playing almost exclusively on the road followed by an easy stretch in December.

The NBA schedule isn’t all that interesting given that every year you play basically the same teams.   Twice against everyone in the West, four times against your divisional opponents, and three or four times against the rest of the East.

Of the powerhouse teams we could play an extra time, we go up against Boston four times and Orlando three times, so it seems about as even as you could expect.


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  • Its going to be really rough to start the season. People will be calling for heads after last seasons finish.

  • Does the NBA put out iCal schedules like MLB does? I don't think I've seen it anywhere on the Bulls site...

  • I hope your right, I just will stand by my prediction that we lose a ton of close games.

  • In reply to TheStig:

    We've gotten off to bad starts the past 10 years now. Minus the 2007-2008 season, we have recovered from our bad starts since the 2004-2005 season. December is typically our comeback month since we have alot of home games.

  • I got one off Bulls.com the past 2 seasons..

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