Some Kirk Hinrich rumors are BS

This isn’t to say that Kirk Hinrich isn’t being traded.   However, sources close to me have confirmed that several recent rumors floated about the Hinrich situation are complete fabrications.
The first is that Kirk Hinrich told friends that he expects to be
traded to Portland.  Kirk said no such things to his friends.   Either Adrian Wojnarowski pulled it out of thin air, or one of Kirk’s “friends” did, but there’s no truth to the rumor.

second rumor is that the Trailblazers are concerned about Kirk’s
character. Kirk knows Kevin Pritchard well since they both played basketball for Kansas.   The idea that Pritchard has character questions about Hinrich is ridiculous.

I still think a trade of Kirk to the Blazers is great for Kirk, Portland, and Chicago, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen, but the idea that Kirk thinks it’s going down and is telling his friends is inaccurate.


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  • Though no Bulls employee can really know what Kirk is or isn't telling his friends. If he's saying it doesn't necessarily mean he's been told about a deal, he may just keep hearing his name thrown around and he told a friend a prediction

  • Maybe I'm just stupid and blind, but I just don't know why Bulls have to trade Kirk Hinrich.

    On court, Kirk Hinrich plays solid defense and contributes something on offense but very inconsistent. He is not the answer in clutch. Off court, as far as I heard, he helps Derrick Rose out and doesn't complain anything about his role, although it is pretty tough to him. His contract is bad, but not horrible. Above all, I just don't see anything but except for the slightly overpriced contract.

    Bulls just want to trade Kirk Hinrich for salary dump, not even because of re-signing Ben Gordon? As far as I heard, fans are kinda optimistic to find his replacement. From this Portland trade rumors or by draft, I just could be that optimistic.

  • I think the bulls should look to hold onto Kirk as a strong backup PG and a possible replacement for Ben Gordon.

  • I have nothing to say if Kirk wants to move, that's different.

    But, "They realize his value isn't going to go up at this point", come on, are they dealers? I mean why he couldn't be part of a championship team, if that's our goal. Forgive me if my comment is off topic, but I'm just confused about Kirk's role in current Bulls roster.

  • Sounds like salary problem, like what people have been talking for months. That does make sense, but Bulls need to put another backup PG who could contribute something coming off the bench. See how it goes in this off season. I'm just not sure Steve Blake could do the defense work as Kirk did if he is the PG we end up getting from possible Hinrich trade.

  • They could also probably bring in sergio rodriguez from Portland as part of a deal as well to take up the back up PG minutes.

    I've been speculating on that elsewhere, and the idea is really growing on me. He's everything as a PG that Rose isn't: a great passer with excellent court vision, and range on his shot. I like that backing up Rose, and he would probably be a nice match with Rose if the Bulls do in fact want to run him off the ball at times.

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