Ben Gordon rumors abound

Gordon to Detroit:

Langlois: The only way I see Turkoglu coming is if they had a deal in
place for Prince to address the middle. If not, I think Portland will
do its best to make a play for Turkoglu. The few extra million the
Blazers cleared on draft night might help. If not Portland, perhaps
Toronto will try to find a way to get him. As
for Boozer, if the numbers that have been floated by his camp – five
years and roughly $80 million – are accurate, then there is almost zero
chance he’d wind up here. Ben Gordon is the most likely free-agent
addition, I believe,
which is why Orlando’s trade for Vince
Carter and subsequent admission that it probably couldn’t afford to
keep Turkoglu could be good news for the Pistons. Rather than make a
play for Chicago’s Kirk Hinrich – a move that could enable the Bulls to
retain Gordon – Portland might instead target Turkoglu.

Gordon wants to return to the Bulls (recap of Chris Broussard on realgm):

Chris Broussard was just on ESPN and was asked whether the Bulls will
keep Gordon. He said Gordon wants to come back and the Bulls want him
back very badly. He also Detroit will offer him 10 million a year and
if the Bulls can offer somewhere in that area he will come back to the

Twitter of Chris Mannix (SI):

“NBA source tells me that OKC is a potential landing spot for Ben Gordon”

Gordon to Detroit makes some sense.  Detroit has cap space and is run by a GM who won two titles in a backcourt with three small guards. 

OKC seems like a possible destination only because they have salary room, but it’s hard for me to see OKC being a prime bidder for Gordon given they still don’t have a true PG on their roster and desperately need help in the front court.

The fact that Gordon would come back here vs going to Detroit of the money is similar is interesting.   Maybe he sees the Bulls as the better spot going forward, maybe he doesn’t want to move, or maybe it’s a load of BS.  

If, after everything that’s gone on, Gordon is willing to give the Bulls the deal if all other things are equal than it will speak volumes towards his ability to compartmentalize the negotiation process from year to year.

Here’s hoping Ben Gordon signs with the Bulls, but if he does, it probably won’t be tomorrow.


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  • I hope he doesn't jerk us around like he did last year. The Bulls were in limbo last year because he wouldn't make a decision until the last minute.

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