Hinrich to be traded

Sources close to me have told me that Kirk Hinrich will be traded sometime before next season starts.   His status seems to be independent on whether the Bulls are able to bring back Gordon.   Realistically, we all knew Hinrich wouldn’t be too long for the Bulls after drafting Derrick Rose, so if this proves true, then it shouldn’t serve as a big surprise.   Perhaps the only surprising thing about the rumor is that his status is independent of Gordon’s status.   Paxson had talked in the past about not wanting to enter next season without either guy.

Now it appears that the Bulls are rebuilding entirely around Rose, or at least that’s my take on a decision to trade Kirk regardless of whether Ben comes back.   The team seems like it would take an awfully big step backwards if it loses both players.

There’s this rumor out there from kfan, no idea who the heck this guy is, or how credible he is, but I’m all over this deal if it’s available and Hinrich is going:

really know why the Bulls, who now have a nice three-guard combo, would
go for this, but the Mix hears that the Wolves could offer the No. 6
pick in a very weak draft for Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich. Think of it: A
combo guard who can even defend (including forwards as big and strong
and talented as Paul Pierce). One down side: He has already been in the
league for five years. Trent Tucker’s idea might be even better: Offer
Mike Miller for Hinrich.

Seems like a deal too good to be true for the Bulls even in a weak draft.

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  • So regardless of if we keep BG or not Kirk is gone.... I think the Salmons pick up made this happen... It also make sense as to why we're looking at PG's in this draft.

    If this Minny deal is true and we land the 6th do you think Flynn is the target at 6

  • So is this pretty reliable info? This is definitely good news

  • Hey Doug,

    Great blog. Love your work and your podcast.

    I don't think this is a good move if it's independant of BG's status. We don't know if Salmons is even going to be here in 2010. I believe he has an opt-out clause correct? If we were to do this, I'd rather take a fly on Evans. Or maybe even Hill if he slips. That's just my opinion.

  • Everything we her about Kirk being shopped it has us getting talent. Tech9 has talked about Camby and Kaman and this Minny guy is talking #6 pick, so it looks like the Bulls want something good in return.....

    I would trade Kirk regardless of Gordon and even Deng too if Deng landed us Bosh or Amare...

    IMO though Gordon will be back, I really feel that after hearing all these rumors of late. I wouldn't be surprised if BOTH Kirk and Deng were dealt this summer

  • Although, I like Hinrich as the perfect 3rd guard, I have been posting suggesting just this trade, Hinrich for the #6 pick, and using the pick to select DeMar DeRozen, a legitimate 6'6" 2 guard with kobe like athletic skills. We would have to take back a contract, preferably an expiring one like Mike Miller to make this deal work.

    I have also been suggesting trading Ben Gordon for the Wizards #5 pick, and selecting DeRozen, but keeping Hinrich. We would have to take back Etan Thomas's expiring to make this deal work.

    If we do both trades then take DeJuan Blair with the second pick.

    And if we manage to keep the #16 pick go for Austin Daye, to eventually replace Deng, or BJ Mullens.

    Doing one of these deals or both is the best way to solve the Hinrich/Gordon debate. I am in the Hinrich camp, but I might be inclined to go for the homerun and trade them both which would save us a ton of 2010 money. Then trade Deng and expiring contracts, which we will have a ton of for Amare, Bosh or Wade, and by 2011 we should be ready for a prolonged championship run.

  • Good morning Doug,
    My name is Marcos Felipe and I live in Brazil and I have a blog that publishes the news would say the Bulls. The blog is in Portuguese (www.bullsbrasil.com) and people always come to Portugal to stay informed.
    After my propaganda (laughs), I would like to ask about this rumor of the arrival of Shaq, it is real? The Suns have interest in Luol Deng? Or is it easier to bring Amare than O'Neal? How to negotiate with you more chances to happen, so you track behind the scenes?

  • At #6? I think Gar and Pax would have a choice of one of two players I really like in their system. My first choice, if Jordan Hill manages to fall, they need to be all over that. On the offensive end he'd be able to add that pick and pop alternative to our pick and rolls, while still being very effective on a roll. As he puts on more muscle, he may even end up with a pretty good post game, putting him somewhere between Bosh and Stoudemire in usage. On the defensive end, within a couple three years I think he'll be able to guard pretty much any big man in the league. Sure he's still raw, but he's shown an ability to improve in his time down here at Arizona, so I doubt he'll be an entire bust.

    If he's not there, I really like Tyreke Evans. Unlike DeRozan, his game is already pretty well developed, and he should be able to jump in quickly to play some pretty solid defense. Unlike Harden, he has a really good handle being a PG in college, and we shouldn't have worry about him stopping the ball, repeatedly, every freaking time he touches it (yes, I'm talking to you BG and Salmons!). If VDN is able, I see a complex system of pick and rolls and pick and pops with Deng/TT slashing back and forth, absolutely slaughtering people on rotations and help defense. Rose, along with a player like Evans has the potential to be, we could have the two headed monster we hoped for with Heinrich and Wade a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I doubt he has the ability to develop a consistent three ball with his unconventional shot, and even his free throw shooting sucks.

    If both these guys are gone, it probably means Harden is there, which wouldn't be a bad consolation prize in my mind. Actually, probably a toss up with Evans depending on the direction they want to go. He's also a strong defender, and his shot is likely to develop a lot farther than Evans'. I'm afraid he's going to stop the ball a lot, though, and he won't be able to handle the ball as well, meaning Rose won't have the opportunity to play off the ball as much. Nor will their back court be as dangerously versatile and unpredictable.

  • "Sources close to you" have told you this? Big deal. Sources close to the Bulls would be more believable. ;-)

  • Tyler Hansbrough

  • In reply to marcosfleal:

    Tyler Hansbrough is the most powerful to be chosen for the Bulls in the twenty-sixth position? Carry this information?
    If he comes, which quoted another name?

  • In reply to marcosfleal:

    I dont think trading Hinrich for a draft pick alone is worth it. If we are going to trade Hinrich we might as well go for a veteran big man who can score in the post.

    I just dont see trading someone like Hinrich for a high pick only to draft an NBA unproven point guard. Just does not seem wise at all.

    Unless we cannot get Amare or Bosh then we should pursue Chris Kaman.

  • In reply to marcosfleal:

    Luol Deng leaves or is it?
    You do not think Chicago is betting it all in 2010 and threatens to leave the 2009 season and the next?
    I hear Brazil's interest in franchising Bosh and Wade, you believe in the advent of these two players? If they do not come, we run the same risk in 2000, where he had several good players available and they have opted for other teams and we just stayed with the medium?

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