See CAB at MDW Art Fair

I will be speaking on a panel at the MDW Art Fair, April 24th, 4 pm.  The fair will be held at 3636 South Iron Street and starts at 1 pm on April 23rd.


The panel will be chaired by independent curator Britton Bertran (curator of last year’s “New Icon” at LUMA). Entitled “A New Chicago Visual Arts Advocacy” the discussion will center around the relationship of the city of Chicago to the visual arts among other topics.

Check out MDW‘s website for the full schedule and exhibitors. From MDW:

A New Chicago Visual Arts Advocacy

This discussion will be framed around the context of a specified advocacy specifically for the visual arts in Chicago.  A sample of topics and questions to be pursued include: what arts advocacy means specifically in 2011 and with the visual arts in particular; how “regime change” with a new mayor and the loss of Lois Weisburg can help propel Chicago visual arts into the 21st century; the effectiveness of the City when it comes to promoting artists from within; what non-governmental support and concepts exist, and; soliciting ideas from the audience for further components to making things work for artists and the individuals that support them.

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