AP Class Retraction

AP Class Retraction

Thinking I was very wise, I wrote an article about AP (Advanced Placement) classes in high schoolbeing a waste and for all of you to save your money and not to think that AP classes were going to allow you to graduate early. Hmmmm, I think I might have spoken too soon.

My college sophomore is home for Thanksgiving break and while enjoying some quiet time, she gently said, “uh, yeah, I’m going to have a hard time having a minor and even registering for classes next semester. Even as an athlete, I won’t be able to register early enough to get any of the classes I want.”

I know she doesn’t read what I post so I’m sure it wasn’t only to get a teenager dig at me, but she then said:

“UGH – why didn’t I take more AP’s in high school!!!!”

So apparently most of her peers took more AP’s than she did and did well enough on the tests to get enough credits to bump them up in line of registering for classes. I guess I didn’t think of that argument.

Therefore, I felt compelled to write a semi-retraction on the AP argument. I still stand by what I said, but also see the other side of the coin a little more clearly. I guess the AP test fees are a slightly less expensive than a fifth year at college that I’m not going to pay for…..


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