Dogs gone wild - Pics of Creative Dog Grooming

A new trend in dog styling is to make them look like wild animals.  I’m under the personal opinion that it’s cruelty to animals. 

The big argument is that it’s an art form.  These so-called designers are carving unnatural shapes into the dogs fur and using dyes to completely transform their original state.
It’s called a trend, but the basic dog grooming competition started back in 1980 by a professional groomer named Jerry Schinberg, right here in Des Plaines.  It’s really morphed into an art form, but at what cost.  You be the judge.

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  • Yikes! I've never seen a dog look like this outside one of these pictures. And I always thought it was silly to sheer a poodle into a puffy puffball and now this! ;)

  • I know, crazy isn't it? It's like an accident - I feel badly, but can't stop looking at it...

  • Wow no way dude that is just way too cool!


  • this is ridiculous.

    This is cruelty to animals...if you want to cut thier hair into a mohawk or whatever thats fine, but to make them wear all this stuff? Come on...

    Those folks to need get a hobby...those dogs do not want to wear that crap!!!

    That being said the Panda is great. The owner of the horse should have her/his dog taken away from her/him.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    You're very funny. I think it's terrible.... but love the panda :)

  • In reply to Dmband:


    He he he...It looked exactly like a Panda! I was just being honest :)

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I don't see how "unnatural shapes" cut into hair can. possibly be defined as cruel. It's not anymore cruel than the ridiculous outfits models have to wear. The dogs don't even know they look different than they should. The perception of their haircut is really limited to their two front feet. If they didn't love the attention, they wouldn't carry off the cut, and they wouldn't be used. They get to go for car rides, stay in hotel rooms, get personalized attention, and appluase, what is cruel about that?

  • In reply to Dmband:

    These dogs are being treated as objects. The owners are doing it just to get attention. Why don't the dog owners dress up themselves in ridiculous outfits instead of their dogs?

    Joy Randel
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  • its a living animal! Not a build-a-bear!!!!!

  • Cruelty- No way! I think when people inaccurately use the word "CRUELTY" they are diminishing what cruelty REALLY is. Cruelty is a criminal offense of inflicting suffering or death upon an animal-- starving, neglecting, beating, dragging a dog tied behind a car, these things are cruelty. Go to a puppy mill or see how some sick people treat animals. I have seen neglected dogs so direly in need of grooming their coats were matted to the point they could barely walk and they had infected sores on their skin under all the matted fur.

    Creative grooming or having a dog wear a costume for a few hours is not "animal cruelty", sorry, you are way off.

    I have seen most of these photos before and while it's not my cup of tea, it is beautiful and creative. Many dog groomers take great pride in what they do. These type of dyes are sold on and are non-toxic.

  • In reply to NoMorePuppyStores:

    You're right, maybe cruelty is too strong of a word. However, I don't really think many of those dogs want that kind of attention. Since they have no choice, it almost seems like people are causing some emotional distress.
    However some animals might just eat that attention up and think it's the greatest. But when I look at my mutt, she almost always looks like she's smiling - those dogs, not so much...

  • Ugh. People like this shouldn't be allowed to own dogs. This makes me sick. Cut their hair? Fine. But all the crazy colors and "dog-cessories?" That's overkill.

  • Caveat-

    Of course there are different levels of cruelty. However, if someone put a saddle on your back and did not allow you to remove it against your wishes how would you feel?

  • No way, the Ninja Turtle is cool. It's no different that horse racing, zoos, eating meat or other animal enslavement. At least it's not painful! Well. Except those peacock feathers.

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    Most of you would think this is crulelty.. I don't think dogs wanted to be made into pets period.. It is a learned behavior to let someone pet them.... That in its self is crule... This is not a new trend it has been going on as long as poodles have been around... Poodles had family crest. carved into them and then given as a gift back when poodles worked. Maybe someone of you should do more foot work before you start pointing fingers on who is being crule to their dogs.. I am sure my dogs are treated better than 85% of the kids on this earth.. and the dog might not want it done... A dog doesnt want to be fenced and walked on a leash etc. i know for a fact u have not seen how happy a dog was after getting all dolled up.. They love it... They dont know y everone cant keep their hands off them but they love it.... Get a life and talk about a topic u might know a little more about

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