Celebrity Apprentice - Donald Trump, Rod Blagojevich, Brett Michaels - bad hair battle

I just can’t understand it.  Obviously people have been ridiculing Donald Trump’s bad hair forever, but is it possible it’s getting worse as the years go on?  I hate to admit that I do sort of love ‘reality’ shows, but the Apprentice is only good when Donald’s head isn’t shown.  

Last night was a tear jerker with the recent medical scares that Brett Michaels has provided.  I think everyone’s thrilled he came out of it successfully, but I bet The Donald loves the fact that  Brett’s recovery brought incredibly high ratings.  However, I still can’t get over Don’s hair (I don’t care for his voice all that much either).  Now it’s even thinner and exactly what color is it?  With all that money, why doesn’t he just change it?  Is it ego?  Is it because everyone has been making fun of it for so long that he enjoys the publicity?
I’m not sure, but either way, Donald had some good competition in the bad hair contest with Rod Blagojevich


in the cast.  (btw, did you see his innocence claim again – I do love that DarrylStrawberry said he thought Rod was guilty).  Also, does Brett Michaels really still have hair under those bandana’s?  

All I can say is thank goodness for the DVR and it’s ability to fast forward.  Here are some other male celebrities that just have bad hair – do they like the style, or the publicity?


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  • I have often wondered what's up with that hair. Would you call it a comb over? I think as long as he continues to have "sex appeal" with the young ladies, he'll not be changing it. :)

  • Holy moly!! Not only is he not an attractive man but his hair says the most about him..change brother change...I bet he still has undies from 10 years ago he wont let go. The color is old, faded, there is no style formed and my god u have big bucks!! Go take care of that!! I'll do it for free, Im a hairstylist!

  • In reply to lorettarojas:

    So as a hairstylist, exactly what color would you call that? :)

  • In reply to lorettarojas:

    In my own words I would call that very old, run down blonde with a touch of 50yrs of sun mixed with some white (age):)

  • Hair today Gone tommorow... Leaving NewYork, AshphaltJungle ganna miss N.Y. Washington D.C., Next then Chicago, then
    back to Miami...

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