Inside Ikram Goldman's Exclusive, Private 10th Anniversary Party (PICS!)



You know her as the style guru who advised First Lady Michelle Obama and the woman with the hottest and most exclusive boutique in town, Ikram (Goldman) (Seen in pic above with Katherine Chez Malkin and Judd Malkin)She dresses not only the A list but the A+ list too including Linda Johnson Rice and Desiree Rogers to name two of the most fashionable women about town.  So it was no surprise that, not only was her party uber fabulous, but even the invite was one of the most creative I’ve ever received.  It was an old fashioned red View-Master with the event details in the round slide-show disc!   

When we first arrived at the venue, formerly an old Hudson car dealership at 2222 S. Michigan Ave., there was a line waiting outside.  Now, only for Ikram would Chicagoans wait in ANY line so this was a real testimony to the level of excitement people were experiencing for being invited to this exclusive event as well as the respect and love they have for her.



Fashionable friends, Desiree Rogers, Linda Johnson Rice and Julie Latsko.

It was truly one of the most gorgeous parties with the absolutely most fashionable people.  Guests were wearing outfits and designers that, in any other venue, would not have been appreciated but, at this party where the watchword was FASHION, it was de rigueur.

The massive red drapes greeted you at the entryway and every guest was ushered in front of the bank of paparazzi in front of a wall of gilded frames.  SAIC’s Nick Cave  performed in a wild fur costume with a painted, sequined face with two other models dressed like him.  They looked like something from prehistoric times and the crowd went wild.  There was also a performance by First Aid Kit, which is a favorite of Ikram’s.  (It is a Swedish folk duo consisting of sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg and they were wonderful.)  Famed DJ Jesse de la Pena, played tunes that Ikram loved since she sang and danced onstage with her adoring hubby Josh and fashionable friends for a great segment of the party.  (DJ Kim Hastreiter AKA OMG played early in the evening.) 

Everyone who was anyone was there and my head was spinning like a top.  When we did finally leave, due to sheer exhaustion, there were adorable Chicago Hot Dog Carts lining the way to the exit…..Oh, what a night….. (BTW, the fantastic decor was by, who else, Tom Kehoe!)  

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