The return of Lavine and state of current rebuild

Well in case you have not been watching the Chicago Bulls lately Zach Lavine has returned. If you have not been watching these young Bulls I urge you to begin watching now. Especially this Wednesday night against the NBA champions the Golden State Warriors. Wednesday’s game will show us all how close or far away the Bulls organization really is in this rebuild process.

As much as I loved Jimmy Butler I am beginning to think the Chicago Bulls won that trade with Minnesota by a landslide. It was hard watching one of my all time favorite Chicago Bulls players leave, but from the looks of the 3 players acquired by Chicago our future may have already arrived. Markkanen, Dunn, and Lavine all 3 have future all star potential written all over them.

Those who expected the Chicago Bulls to go into a complete tank are going to be slightly disappointed. This group of players are just way too talented and do not care to lose. Just understand what we have going in Chicago is not a true rebuild. In a true rebuild a roster is completely overhauled and you build 100% through the draft.

You should be looking at Dunn, Lavine, and Markkanen as 3 draft picks we hit on. All three of these players are extremely talented and fit perfectly in the Fred Hoiberg’s system. None of these 3 players have experienced winning at the NBA level so all 3 are buying in the Hoiberg system and excited to be together. Time will tell, but these may be the 3 players the organizations chooses to build around.

Bottom line is there are no guarantees that the Chicago Bulls will be a dynasty or even a good team for that fact. There is just a lot of potential in place for this current team to be dangerous and maybe even a dynasty one day. We just need to stay patient and unfortunately trust in Paxson, Forman, and Hoiberg to finally get this right. The hiring of Doug Collins this offseason looks to be having a huge impact behind the scenes. Just be happy that we have a basketball team that is fun to watch and stays competitive during majority of their games. You may be even lucky enough to score a cheap pair of tickets this season and go home with a free big mac.

Saturday January 13th Game Highlights: Return of Zach Lavine

Bulls 107 Pistons 105


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