The return of Lavine and state of current rebuild

Well in case you have not been watching the Chicago Bulls lately Zach Lavine has returned. If you have not been watching these young Bulls I urge you to begin watching now. Especially this Wednesday night against the NBA champions the Golden State Warriors. Wednesday’s game will show us all how close or far away... Read more »

5 Questions (we hope) are answered this year

Welcome to the 2017-18 season of Chicago Bulls basketball. This is a season at least 2 years in the making (due to the front office’s sluggish start to a rebuild). Expectations are high this year, but not for wins, no, for simple progress. Chicago needs to see all of the young assets we’ve acquired progress,... Read more »

Dwayne Wade Saga

It is time for Gar-Pax to get off their high horse and start making good decisions for the Chicago Bulls organization. Having Dwayne Wade still here in Chicago still makes absolutely no sense. It is time to admit Wade and his agent outsmarted the Chicago Bulls organization and move forward. Wade made it very clear... Read more »

The Cristiano Felício Debate

I am still trying to make sense of the 4-year 32 million dollar contract John Paxson and Gar Forman rewarded Cristiano Felício with this off-season. The Chicago Bulls are in the beginning process of a rebuild and giving players multi-year contracts at this point of the rebuild could be very damaging in 2-3 years. If... Read more »

Trust the Process

Dear Chicago Bulls Family, I urge you to trust the current rebuild process and plan to completely reshape this current NBA roster. It is a necessity if you ever want to see the Chicago Bulls back to being a legitimate NBA championship contender any time soon. It does not mean you must accept failure from... Read more »