Song Of The Day - "I'm Going To Say It Now" by Phil Ochs

By Eric Berman

Song Of The Day – “I’m Going To Say It Now” by Phil Ochs 

Clips of Phil Ochs performing are pretty rare, so forgive the sound quality on this performance from 1968. Here we have Phil singing one of his most biting protest songs originally from the 1965 album “Phil Ochs In Concert.” Don’t be fooled by the name of that album…it was really a studio album with dubbed applause!  So much for sincerity… Ochs was a tragic figure who put himself forever in the shadow of Bob Dylan trying to top him throughout his career.  While Dylan was far more media savvy and a lot more calculated, Ochs was far more genuine and sincere. There was plenty of room for both to exist…unfortunately Ochs didn’t agree… 


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