Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues, 2016 Edition

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues, 2016 Edition

Update: Find a complete list of 46 clues and printable versions here.

One of my favorite holiday traditions from my childhood was a scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve that sent us all over the house and ended with finding one present to open, often something that could be enjoyed by the whole family. Sharing the clues that we will use in our annual Christmas Scavenger Hunt is now a Between Us Parents tradition.

This is the fourth installment. You can click to find clues from 2013, 20142015, and 2017. Each hunt has 10 clues, with each hunt ending at the Christmas tree. Other than that final destination, no other stops are repeated.

You can combine the hunts together into a huge 37-stop hunt, if you’re looking to fill a lot of time. Another option is to have simultaneous hunts. You can send four kids on four separate hunts that don’t overlap.

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues Between Us Parents 2016


You can download the PDF file here: Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues 2016

Right click on either the image or the link to the PDF, download it and open it. You can then print it. Cut the clues out so you have strips of paper to hide in each location. (Tip: when hiding clues, start at the last one and work backwards through the hunt.)

If you have little ones who aren’t rhyme masters, you can fill in the blanks to make the hunt easier.

I’ve tried my best to come up with locations and items that are found in the vast majority of households, but if you don’t have a certain location or prefer to have your kids not go there, you can sub in other clues from other years.

Happy hunting, and have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

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