Why all kids should see Anthony Rizzo apologize to MLB umpire

Why all kids should see Anthony Rizzo apologize to MLB umpire

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, Chicago Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo’s apology to an umpire last night is worth paying attention to and sharing with your tweens and teens.

The Cubs are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series, and the winner heads to the World Series. In last night’s game, Rizzo apologized to home plate umpire Angel Hernandez when he came up to bat in the seventh inning. Rizzo had disagreed with him on a prior call.

(You can click on the link that starts with “pic” in the post to see the full video.

Rizzo told the umpire, “My fault on that.”

Hernandez responded, “Your fault for what, brother? Come on, you’re good, bro. You’re awesome with us. No, no worries. You’re competing. I understand. Don’t worry. You know what’s best of it? You come back and tell me that. That’s how good of a guy you are.”

I love this so much. It’s a great example of sportsmanship and of righting a wrong. No one is perfect, of course. But apologizing when we do things that are imperfect is really important.

It’s great that Rizzo immediately recognized his mistake and said he was sorry at the next opportunity he had.

Sometimes kids are reluctant to apologize, for a variety of reasons, be it embarrassment or fear or overthinking how they should apologize.

In just four words, Rizzo showed how to apologize – do it in person (NOT on social media), keep it simple, do it as soon as you can, and own your mistake.

Hernandez showed that people appreciate apologies and can be very gracious when accepting them. I thought what he said to Rizzo was kind and compassionate. Hopefully seeing that will take away some of the trepidation that kids may have when apologizing.

Knowing you screwed up doesn’t feel good, but knowing that you apologized and tried to make it right does.

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