Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues - 2016 Edition

Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues - 2016 Edition

Back by popular demand (well, a few politely phrased requests) is the Easter Scavenger Hunt!

An Easter Scavenger Hunt can be a fun way to keep bigger kids busy while little ones do an egg hunt, or just a way to add a little fun when it comes to finding their Easter basket.

These clues takes kids all around the inside of your house, so you’re covered in case of inclement weather. I’ve left a blank for you to fill in exactly where you want to put your child’s basket. (If you’re looking for an idea, perhaps the porch if it’s covered because they’re less not likely to see it while looking, or anywhere there are cleaning supplies – kids seem to avoid those pretty successfully.)

Easter Scavenger Hunt 2016

You can download the pdf document by clicking here: Easter Scavenger Hunt 2016.

If you’re new, or if your kids don’t have photographic memories, you can combine these clues with the clues from last year’s Easter Scavenger Hunt to make a longer trek. Or if you have two kids, you can send them on separate hunts. They all go to different places in your home.

If you wish to take the clues and make them your own, they are below. (For example, if you wanted to add an outside element, you could rhyme “nose” with “garden hose.”)

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

The Easter Bunny is known for his oversized ears.
To keep the hunt going, look in the car where you change the gears.

Speaking of bunny ears, the insides are almost always pink,
You’d be wise to take a peek under the kitchen sink.

The star this time of year is the fabulous Easter Bunny,
So perhaps go check where you keep your money.

One favorite feature of the bunny is his cutely twitching nose.
The next clue can be found where you keep your nice clothes.

Spring means new things growing, like a beautiful flower.
The next clue can be find where you check the hour.

Easter colors are often pastel shades of greens, pinks, and blues.
Your next clue can be found inside one of your _____.

The Easter Bunny travels by going hop, hop, hop,
Now check the book case, and look towards the top.

Still have a question about where your Easter basket could be?
Go look ______________________ and it you will see!

Happy Easter!

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