Cheap, fun stocking stuffers for teens and tweens

Cheap, fun stocking stuffers for teens and tweens

Looking for items that are cheap, fun stocking stuffers for teens and tweens?

All of the items on this are small enough to fit in a stocking and won’t break the bank, as they are all less than $17. Best of all, they’re quite likely to make the person whose name is on the stocking very happy.

Fish eye lens for their smart phone


If your kid has an Instagram account, encourage them to explore the original purpose of the app – photography using a smart phone. New lenses will help them see the world in a new way and encourage them to try some new angles and subject matter. Lenses aren’t all that expensive. You can find them under $10, such as these on Amazon that are $7.99 and eligible for Prime shipping.

Get Out of Chore Free Card

No shopping or monetary outlay is required for this one. Write out a “get out of chore free” card that the recipient can redeem at a time of their choosing. You may want to specify what it’s for – laundry, lawn mowing, cleaning, etc. – as well as any terms that you want to include, such as how long it is good far, how many days in advance of chore completion card must be redeemed, etc.

Micro charging bracelets 61moUEx-pZL._SL1500_

Teens love power, literally, especially when it comes to their devices. This is the gift that keeps on giving and by letting them power their phones with these USB so they never get the dreaded dead battery. Unhook the bracelet and plug into phone or device and the other end into a laptop, desktop, power bank, or USB wall charger. This set of 5 is $10.99 on Amazon.  (UPDATE: Looks like that set is currently sold out – try this instead.)


I know, I think this is a little crazy, too, but I asked a variety of different groups of teens what their favorite stocking stuffers are and socks consistently made the list. Really. Nike Elite socks are really popular among boys, but they can be pricey. Girls I spoke with are big fans of fuzzy socks. And there are a lot of fun printed sock options that are fun for both genders.

Special M&Msstar-wars-mms

Chocolate is generally a big hit, but you can make it even more fun by getting special m&ms candy that come in either their favorite NFL team colors or Star Wars m&ms from, just in time for the new movie. Yoda on your chocolate for Christmas, I want. They’re a splurge. Divide  a bigger package up for several different people, and you can find other m&m gifts for less. Be sure to check for discount codes before purchasing, too.

Gift Cards

Gift cards don’t have to be a worth a ton of money to be fun. You can find lots of ideas of favorite teen gift cards, from favorite fast food restaurants to movie gift cards to cards to support their hobbies, here.

Portable Speakers must-have-mini-speakers-o

These cute portable speakers make it easy for teens to take their music with them, and they’re adorable. These speakers 4.5″ wide x 1″ deep x 2.5″ high are available at Pottery Barn Teen for $15 and run off of two AAA batteries.

Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

Coloring books for adults are all the rage for destressing, but they’re great for teens, too. Have a family coloring night over winter break. Give each family member a coloring book that pertains to their interests, from animals to Harry Potter to mandalas, all of which are options on Amazon and under $10. Roll up the book and secure with a rubber band, then wrap like a piece of candy to make them stocking-friendly.

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Spot It Game 71knInYLcSL._SL1500_

This is a fun game, a bit more unexpected than the traditional playing cards (although those are an option, too). It’s fun for a variety of ages, so it works for a group teens as well as a family game night. There are many variations available, but the standard, original Spot It is $11.50 on Amazon.


I  know, it’s not exciting, but my teen put gum on her holiday list. A classmate asked for and got a giant pack of gum from Costco, and that made her a school hero. If your kid doesn’t have braces, it’s likely they’re a gum fan. It’s cheap and easy and likely to go over well, so why not give some gum?

Temporary tattoos 81b2YaI8iML._SX522_

These metallic temporary tattoos would be a big hit with teens, $8.97 on Amazon. And they won’t last forever. Win-win!

Penguin Popper

It’s possible I’m adding this to the list because I want one. I think81i7bjg2ZRL._SL1500_ I’ll put one in each stocking and we’ll have an epic popper battle. You can get poppers that are snowmen, reindeer, elves, etc. For some reason, the penguin was a few dollars cheaper than those, coming in at $9.99 on Amazon. And I thought the penguins would be fun to break out on snowdays that happen after the holidays.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for teens and tweens? Help out your fellow gift gives by sharing your ideas in the comment section below!

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