Roundup of great posts about tweens and teens

Roundup of great posts about tweens and teens

Looking for some good reads about tweens and teens but don’t feel like sifting through the web to find them? Fear not, I’ve got you covered. Here are some great posts about tweens and teens that have caught my attention in the past two weeks that you may find helpful, entertaining, or both.

9 Lessons I Learned Chaperoning a Middle School Dance” by Stacey Graebner on The Mid

“3. By 7th grade, you can identify a future frat boy a mile away.

These guys are so easy to spot: they are loud, goofy, surrounded by a posse of groupies and filled with brilliant ideas, most of which involve food, bodily fluids, trespassing and/or some excuse to run around shirtless.”

Teen Years Are a Window of Opportunity to Learn Empathy” by Sue Shellenbarger on The Wall Street Journal

“Researchers are finding that the teen years are a window of opportunity for adults to help adolescents develop empathy—the capacity to feel concern for others and understand their perspective. A common assumption in the past was that children’s capacity for empathy was mostly formed by adolescence. Numerous brain-imaging and behavioral studies in recent years, however, show that areas of the brain involved in understanding the mental states of others continue to develop through the teen years…”

A Birthday Letter to My Tween Son” by Amy Heinz on The Huffington Post

“The tween years, well, they don’t always lend themselves to kindness. No, these are years where many kids will test limits to prove they’re independent. Where more often than not, the crowd-pleasing jokes will come at someone else’s expense. It’s a time when the only people who will seem more clueless than little brothers and sisters are parents. But the tween years are also character-building years. And while kindness can be mistaken for weakness, you have a great opportunity to be a leader and prove its strength.”

Brands Target Tween Girls In Bid To Keep Them As Longtime Customers” by Ilya Marritz on NPR

I appreciated that this piece called out the brands who sell to tweens, and often sell hard, and promote that they don’t photo shop. While that is a step forward, this author make a good point: “They’re still creating a shot … putting them in costumes and lighting and makeup. Just because they’re not going back over it later on with something like Photoshop doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been manipulated.”

Upgrade Your Daughter’s Celebrity Role Models” by Sierra Filucci on Common Sense Media

“You may not like all the famous women your daughter chooses to admire. And you may not be able to change her mind (and trying might just make her dig her heels in). Instead, strike up a conversation about whom your daughter likes and why. You’ll gain insight into what she values and how she’s influenced by popular culture. Share your values, too (delicately, of course).

These conversations also are great opportunities to introduce your daughter to other cool role models — who might share attributes of the women she already admires.”

Spring 2015 New Film Releases for Tweens” by Wendy on Tweenhood

Compiles 7 trailers of movies coming out between now and June that tweens may be excited to see. I’m hoping that you don’t get dragged to Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 but if you do, may it be better than I anticipate. Love that this includes the Inside Out trailer. I know a lot of parents and tween are very excited for that movie

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