You might be a tween parent if...

You might be a tween parent if...

You might be a tween parent if…

* your kid thought that a fresh 3 inches of snow on the ground and a windchill below zero meant it was a great day to wear shorts or crop pants;

* even if your kid is willing to wear appropriate clothing for the weather, their recent growth spurt means the pants still don’t look full length;

* the toddler years start to sound easy;

* you’ve made a request several times and it has been ignored the same number of times by your child;

* you have briefly considered a trip to the audiologist because your offspring just doesn’t see to hear you, claiming that is the reason for the above-mentioned ignored requests;

* your grocery bill is skyrocketing;

* the time the child awakens on weekends gets later and later;

* your kid announces that they read something on an app that makes a lot of sense as if they’re aware of it for the very first time, even though it is the same thing you told them a week ago;

* there are tears, lots of them;

* when you ask about the best part of your kid’s day, the answer often includes the words “study hall”;

* you realize that technology is, in fact, one way to connect with your child and that connection can even be on a meaningful level;

* you debate what kind of phone is best for your kid to have;

* on Christmas morning, your kid opened the gift of a new phone in front of all family members, and the child then announced that it had already received a text message from “Santa’s twerkshop”; (wait, you’re saying that was just me?)

* you realize that you went the wrong way in that internal phone debate;

* that’s not the only decision you second guess;

* your kid thinks that going on a social media site that you have said is unacceptable is just fine as long as they don’t actually have an official account;

* requests for homework help become fewer and fewer, and the requests you do receive are not automatically easy for you;

* the amount of time they spend in the bathroom increases;

* “priorities” are a frequent discussion topic;

* dinner table conversation involves hearing about your child’s friend who is not allowed to have 1 boy over to her house, but having 2 boys over is fine;

* you’re grateful that there is dinner conversation and that you’re hearing about the friend;

* you are very aware that more than half, and likely more than two-thirds, of your time parenting this child is gone;

* that last fact makes you feel sad most times, anxious others, and, every now and then when things are really rough, a tiny bit grateful;

* you are more exhausted than you ever thought you’d be with a child this age;

* you start to feel truly sorry for what you put your parents through;

* you feel like pulling your hair out or banging your head against the wall on some occasions;

* you are bursting with pride on other occasions;

* you are amazed at how your child can be so adult one moment and so childlike the next, and that they can seem both very big and very small in the span of hour; and

* you love your child fiercely, are proud of the young adult they are becoming, and know that the hard work of these sometimes tumultuous days will be worth it in the end.

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