Tween and teen gift ideas: 11 Subscription boxes for all different interests

Tween and teen gift ideas: 11 Subscription boxes for all different interests

Want to give the holiday gift that keeps on giving to the older kids in your life?  No, a subscription to the jelly of the month club isn’t going to make them happy, but subscription boxes aimed specifically at their age and interest may be the perfect tween and teen gift ideas.

Here how it works: you buy a gift subscription for a certain period of time and the company will regularly mail a box to the recipient (usually monthly) for however long your subscription is. There are numerous options that cater to different ages and interests.  Getting the box each month is part of the fun, and there’s something new and different in them each time.

It’s also possible, however, to get just one box which makes a great gift and, because it’s already in a box, it’s easy to wrap. (If you’re not sold on subscription boxes, check out our gift guide for other ideas.)

Here are 11 options for tweens and teens, broken down by areas of interest.

If your kid loves STEM:
* Tinker Crate


Cost: 3 month subscription for $60, 6 month subscription for $110

Aimed at kids between 9-14 years old, each Tinker Crate contains a STEM activity designed to build confidence, and to that end they are “low threshold, high ceiling projects, so they are accessible and fun for all learners.” Recent crates have included building  a real, functioning trebuchet that launches a ping-pong ball up to 10 feet and wiring an electric motor.

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If your kid loves accessories and beauty products:
* iBbeautiful


Cost: one time box $24; 3, 6, 12 month subscriptions are $20/box

The company says, “Each month we search the market for fun, new and exciting items that range from nail art, accessories, lifestyle items, fun school supplies, body, skin, and hair care. What makes us different is that included in our box is our positive ‘monthly message’ of inspiration and empowerment to help your girls feel more confident about themselves and to embrace who they are and believe in what they can become.” There are two age options: one for tweens, ages 8-12 and one for teens, ages 13 and up, and then different options within the age group. Past boxes have included wristlets, hats, headbands and lip balm.

* Boodle Box

Cost: $24.99 for an individual box, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions for $19/month

This also offers two boxes, one for ages 6-11 and the other for those 12 and up. Nail art, hair ties, scarves, and brushes have been included in recent boxes.

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If your kids loves to read:
* Upper Case Box


Cost: $29/month for the expert pick, $35/month for the personalized recommendation

A hand-selected young adult book and one quirky bookish item such as a bookmark, poster, jewelry, tote, etc. arrive each month. This month’s item was a Mockingjay bracelet in honor of the movie premiere. After the recipient finishes reading, they can access an exclusive member-only area with interactive video content and places to discuss it with other readers. (If you’re an adult who enjoys YA books, there is absolutely no shame in adding this to your wish list. No shame at all.)

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If your kid loves crafts and DIY:
* Darby Smart


Cost: $19 per box

My kiddo has enjoyed Darby Smart boxes in the past. You can read our review here. They are great for cold winter days. These kept my tween busy for hours, gave her a chance to put her own creative spin on the project and didn’t mean that I had to brave the bad roads. Boxes are delivered every 2 months, so the 6 month subscription means receiving 3 boxes.

* Doodle Crate


Cost: 3 month subscription for $60, 6 month subscription for $110

Past crates include creating two canvas pouches using a fun tape resist technique or making layered candles that fit inside unique votive holders teens could decorate with a special paint pen. Crates are designed for kids 9 to 16+ and tested to ensure that the projects are fun and inspiring.

If your kid loves helping others:
* The Kind Kids Club


Cost: $35/year and recipient gets 4 boxes per year

The Kind Kids Club is an offshoot of The Kindness Connection, a nonprofit that helps kids get involved in volunteering. Aimed at kids ages 5-12 years old, each quarterly box comes with supplies and instructions about how to help a nonprofit organization. They also get a Kindness Journal. Founder Shannon Valko says the box a great gift “geared toward aunt, uncles, and grandparents who are in search of a gift for that child who has all the latest toys.” Teaching kids to give back, helping them do so by working on the box with them, and letting them see the impact they can have on their community would all be great gifts.

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If your kid loves clothes:
* Threaded Canvas


Cost: $20/month plus $7 shipping

If your kiddo loves being an original, this could be the gift that they’ll love the most. Each monthly box includes three art tees, one art print, and three small art collectibles, all designed by independent artists from around the world.

* Sock Panda


Cost: $12 per pair of socks per month

The idea of getting socks for Christmas has long been ridiculed, but Sock Panda’s socks are so fun that they may just change that stereotype. Get a new pair with a different fun design each month with the added bonus that Sock Panda donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every subscription purchased. Kids can also email the Sock Panda with pictures and he’ll give you wardrobe advice and feedback.

If your kid loves games:
* Loot Crate


Cost: $19.37/month ($13.37 for the crate and $6 shipping and handling) for a one-time crate, 3 and 6 month subscriptions available at $1 and $2 savings, respectively

A monthly box of gamer and geek gear could make you the coolest gift giver around. Crates contain $40 worth of items and past crates have included posters, comics, t-shirts, candy, and action figures. They promise an “epic experience” every month.

* Arcade Block

Cost: $19.99/month

If video games are huge at your house, this may be the perfect option for you.  When purchasing, givers indicate which gaming systems the recipient uses. Past boxes have included retro collectables, stationary, apparel, candy and office accessories. This is a division of Nerd Block, which also offers Nerd Block Jr. for Boys and Nerd Block Jr. for Girls, each $13.99 per month. I don’t love the boy and girl distinctions, as the My Little Ponies would certainly appeal to Bronies and the items in the boys box don’t seem to be gender-specific to me. Arcade block may not be specifically for tweens, but seems appropriate and doesn’t have the gender issue.

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