Teen and Tween Gift Guide 2014

Teen and Tween Gift Guide 2014

Teens and tweens are notoriously tough to buy for, especially when it comes to holiday gifts. Although the days of the must-have toy are gone, but the pricey items topping their wish list aren’t exactly going to work, either.

This teen and tween gift guide will help you find items that will delight them and keep you (and your wallet) happy.

* Experiences

This is a perennial favorite because giving of your time never goes out of style. Some ideas of fun experiences:

– factory tour (find a list of factory tours by state here);
– concert (check out BandIsInTown.com to see who will be in your area);
– museum (consider your area science museum);
– author talk;
– hike (see a recommendation for each state here);
– unusual event (Chicagoans could consider showshoeing at the Morton Arboretum, for example);
– hot chocolate or coffee date.

It doesn’t have to be far, and can even be in your own kitchen. Package up some ingredients for a dessert you’d like to cook together – the way to a teen’s heart can be through their stomach!

* Gift Cards gamestop

Tweens and teens are awesome, and they are fickle. What they love can change radically and quickly, as in, before you get a chance to actually deliver the gift. Gift cards solve this problem, ensuring that they can use it to select an item that they really want. From tunes to t-shirts to movies to milkshakes, there’s a gift card for everything.

Check out the best tween and teen gift card options here.

* Books61d7ODxC04L

I will always love the idea of giving kids books. Always. Pairing them with a small gift that’s related is always a good way to go. For my favorite librarian’s suggestion of books tweens will love, click here, and get more book ideas here. Common Sense Media offers book suggestions for 7-12 year olds here (Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods  is a great suggestion) and for teenagers here.

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* Magazines

I know, it sounds a little wacky, but it’s the same theory as the subscription box – fun mail for months to come, and parents will appreciate that it gets kids reading. They’re easy to wrap – roll it up and tie at each end to make it to look like candy. Roll the magazine around a few good munchies for a fun reading session.

I was a little skeptical of this myself, I admit, but I gave my daughter, who loves to dance, a subscription to Dance Spirit magazine last Christmas. She still gets excited when it arrives every month. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Find a few magazine suggestions for tweens here, and look for magazines that match their interests.

* Subscription Box

Getting a box full of fun items around a theme you love is a great idea, and why subscription boxes are huge among adults (hello, Stitchfix). Now, there are now some awesome options for tweens and teens that cover all interest areas, be it fashion, books, make-up, STEM or video games. It’s a fun way to stay connected to the gift recipient, be it by working on the project in the box together or by communicating about future boxes.

Get 11 subscription box ideas for tween and teens here.

* Movies51DGUKuHfgL

My tween and her friends love movies. The Divergent DVD is at the top of her list, and many of her friends’ wish lists as well. And the release of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I” has them all flocking to theaters. Movies are fun at any age, and you have a variety of options for gifting them, including DVDs, movie tickets (or a gift card) for them and their friends or as a fun family outing.

For DVDs, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a good pick, released on Nov. 25, or go for a classic that you loved, like Ghostbusters.

It’s always fun to wrap these up with some movie candy or popcorn with popcorn bucket (like this $9 one from Amazon.)

* Clothing/Equipment for their activities

While it may not be a guaranteed ooh and ash from the kids, it will be something that they use and shows them know that you know what they love to do.  Parents will appreciate it, too.

Athletes usually appreciate new equipment or work-out  shirts and shorts, which are safer than just regular clothing. (See above comment about constantly changing tastes.) Bags to transport all the stuff for activities are also good.

What are you giving the tweens and teens in your life this holiday season?

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