'Mortified Nation' documentary finds humor and truth in sharing the shame of adolescence

'Mortified Nation' documentary finds humor and truth in sharing the shame of adolescence

When talking with a friend about how very intense feelings are as a tween and a teen, she asked if I had seen the movie Mortified Nation. I watched it this weekend and loved it.

Mortified Nation is a documentary about a stage show held in many cities across the nation at which people read portions of the tween and teen diaries. The good parts, the naive parts, the mortifying parts.

The result is both hilarious and touching. And while the film is for adults, it reminds parents of the ridiculously intense feelings teens feel, and of their complete lack of perspective. (See the Anne Frank reference below for a laugh at that.) It also gives parents a chance to laugh at and with their childhood selves.

Disclaimer: The trailer includes the words orgasm and bitch and so you may not want to have the volume cranked up.

My favorite part of this trailer is the woman reading her diary entry about her dislike of her parents, and her parents’ reaction. I love that her parents laugh at it, and it’s a good reminder that if your kids are mad at you, you’re doing it right.

Keep up the good work, friends!

Also, encourage your kids to hang on to their journals so they can participate in something similar down the road, or at least laugh at themselves quietly in private. One part of the documentary does feature an interview with a 14 year-old girl talking about the diary she currently keeps, and even she gains some perspective in reviewing it just a few months later. That’s something discussed here: The Diary: A low-tech tool to help keep your kids safe online

The documentary is available on Netflix and Amazon streaming.

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