Darby Girl DIY kits make crafting easy and affordable for tweens and teens

Darby Girl DIY kits make crafting easy and affordable for tweens and teens

Subscription boxes are all the rage and tween and teen girls can now get in on the fun with Darby Girl. Darby Girl is a DIY craft box that arrives bi-monthly, filled with everything a tween or teen girl needs to make a fun craft project. It’s the result of a partnership between Darby Smart and Girls’ Life magazine. It’s a great way for tweens and teens to explore their creative side.

I like to encourage my tween to be creative but I’ve found that crafting can be challenging in terms of managing both time and finances. She did a project at the holidays that I at first thought seem simple and inexpensive. In the end, I was wrong on both counts.

Darby Girl simplifies the crafting process, with a project that is both fun and feasible. At $19 per box, it’s also affordable.

As a tween, my daughter is happy to get fun mail. As a parent, I adored the box itself and it’s “internet rehab” message

Inside was everything necessary for the project at hand.


This saves you the trip to the craft store, or multiple trips if you’re like me and you never quite buy enough or buy too much and need to return materials. I’m also known to stand in an aisle flummoxed by the choices and with no clue which one would be most appropriate for the project at hand. Everything you need – and the right kind of what you need – are in the box.

Thankfully that included detailed instructions that were simple, easy to follow and made sense to both of us.


Some projects could be done without supervision. Call me crazy, but I decided that it would be a good idea to supervise my tween using tie dye in my kitchen. And hey, the dye was pretty.


There was also some super-strong glue and while many kids would be fine with it, if you have any doubts, I’d recommend keeping an eye on them.

The project was fairly involved and not what I’d call speedy. I appreciated that there were several steps and that it wasn’t “babyish,” to use my tween’s vocabulary. It was age-appropriate. Not too easy, but also not too intricate. We broke it up into a couple steps based on our schedule.  It could be done in a day, but I appreciated that there was some flexibility.

I also appreciated that the instruction encourage personalizing the project. My tween made four corkboards covered in the fabric she tie dyed. There were ribbons and fabric paint beads to attach, but how is completely up to the crafter. I liked that there was room to personalize it and put their own touch on their project.


The only part of the project my tween didn’t love was the set of push pins to be used with the cork boards to display photos, tickets, etc. Ours were cat-themed, and these didn’t melt my tween’s butter. We liked the kit so much we gave one as a birthday present and my tween was a wee bit jealous that the pins in that kit were fun flip flops, something much more up her alley. Certainly not a deal breaker, though.


The finished project, however, was great. I’m afraid the lighting in the picture doesn’t quite do the cork boards justice, but they are neat, and my tween is proud of them. She’s happy to display them in her room, and I’m really happy that they’re a useful project, I type as I look at a few pottery projects that may have a use, but I have no idea what it is.


Darby Smart gave us a craft project that was reasonably priced with minimum frustration and that let my tween be creative, try something new and resulted in a product that she liked, was proud of and was useful. Hooray! She said it was fun and different and not too hard but not too easy, either.

Verdict: Success!

Disclaimer: I received a Darby Smart box to try out with my tween. I was not compensated for my opinions. My tween liked Darby Smart so much that she asked if we could subscribe to the bi-monthly service, which we did. Looking forward to our next project!

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