Teach kids to THINK when communicating online and in person

Teach kids to THINK when communicating online and in person

This Tech Tuesday, I want to revisiting a popular internet meme that can be very helpful when teaching our kids about our expectations for communication, online and in person. The acronym “THINK before you speak” made the rounds on the internet a while ago. It stated that, before speaking, people should ask themselves if what they are saying is:

If it is all of those things, go for it.

If, however, you cannot satisfy each of those requirements, think twice before speaking. Pause. Take a moment. Back off/away.

This could be a great family policy for communication in any form. It can be both a way of living and a great family social media policy.

Girl Talk wisely launched a campaign to extend this thinking (sorry for the pun) to all communication, online and off. Kids should stop and T.H.I.N.K. before texting, typing OR speaking.

I haven’t seen anything on the campaign lately, and I think it’s an idea that is worth revisiting, regardless of gender. All kids need to learn that the internet is not a place to hide or be different than you are in real life or to be unkind (or worse). It’s worth reminding them that what they put online will last every bit as long and likely much longer than what they say aloud.

* Do your children understand that their communication should be the same whether it be face to face or electronic?
* Have you taught them to T.H.I.N.K. for themselves?
* Have you told your kids that it is absolutely okay and even encouraged to walk away (literally or figuratively) from conversations in which people are not THINKing?

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