Spot It! Party and Sketch It breathe new life into family game night

Spot It! Party and Sketch It breathe new life into family game night

With the chill in the air, the holidays around the corner and extended families gathering, we’re heading into prime family game night season. I love game night, but I have a confession to make: I’m picky when it comes to games. I have board game commitment issues – if it requires a lot of my money or time, I’m not interested. My family loves games that are fun, fast-paced and laugh-inducing.

Spot It! Party and Sketch It! made for a really fun family game night and satisfied all those requirements. The sign of a really fun game in my book is that we’re still laughing or talking about it days later, and we are with these games.

Another reason we liked both games is because they worked nicely with three players. While we had fun as a trio, Spot It! can have up to 8 players and Sketch It! works for up to 6 people. Both were for ages 10+, but I could see 8 and 9 year-olds handling either one just fine.

Spot It! PartySpot_It!_Party_-_Experience_The_Ultimate_Spot_It!

My tween had Spot It! on her holiday wish list but that was before she knew about Spot It! Party. It has 6 variations on Spot It!, including “Dynamite”, “Double Frenzy”, and “The Race.” Some of the games involve the cute cyclops Hand Mascot.

The set up is very quick (as in seconds) and the directions for each of the six games are short and sweet. They do advice spending a moment before playing looking at the cards and seeing the matches. Each card has 8 symbols. There are over 50 symbols in all. When comparing 2 cards, there will always be one, and only one, matching symbol.

I will admit to thinking that there just wasn’t a match between my cards in the middle of the game. I was wrong. There always was one, it’s just that they can be really tough to spot. Hence, the game. One benefit of it being fast paced is that the frustration doesn’t last long.

My tween said she’d prefer Spot It! Party if I forced her to pick between the two, but that could be because my tween handily defeated us.

Sketch It!

Sketch it was fun because everyone draws at the same time and then you guess what the drawings are. Unlike other drawing games, there’s no waiting turns or having people stare at you and you demonstrate why you were not an art major. You can also get points for guessing what other people’s drawings are, so you can succeed with zero drawing ability. There are 720 different items to sketch, so I have no concern about needing new cards any time soon.sketch-it

Sketch It! was my favorite, which surprises me because I am not a great sketcher. I may have gotten lucky with cards like ant hill, megaphone and other items that I could handle. I still don’t know how my family couldn’t tell that my drawing was of a garage, however. That was clear as day, I tell you!

Both were fun and got thumbs up from our family.

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We received Spot It! Party and Sketch It! from Blue Orange Games to try out. I received no compensation. All opinions are my own, or that of my family members and fellow gamers.

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